A Guy Says: The Binder Full of Women Comment Was Actually A Great Compliment

During Tuesday night’s debate with President Barack Obama, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told the harrowing story of the time he tried to find women to fill roles on his cabinet while he was governor of Massachusetts.  Romney packed his bag, said goodbye to his family not knowing if he’d see them in the next six hours or the next eight hours, walked out of the door, and walked onto his private jet to Fallujah, Afghanistan, I mean, Boston, MA where he courageously found women to work in the same place men work. Or as he put it:

“And I said, ‘Well, gosh, can’t we — can’t we find some — some women that are also qualified? I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

Surprisingly, not everyone is thrilled with Mitt’s “binders full of women,” comment.  Many people are saying these comments are insensitive.  They’re claiming this is a great example of not only Mitt Romney’s backwards attitude toward women, but also the Republican party’s attitude at large.

I, on the other hand, think this comment took a binder full of balls.  When you think about it, isn’t this really a positive comment?  Isn’t this a step forward for a Republican politician?  The last time I heard a Republican politician talking about women, he was claiming they couldn’t biologically be raped.  So, shouldn’t we be celebrating the fact that at least Mitt said “binder,” and not “cage” or “dungeon?”  Or, “…They brought us whole binders full of women, none of whom, as we came to learn, were men.  So we threw out the binders and I asked my nephew to come work for us.  He was and still is, a capable human worker, or as I call those sorts of people, ‘Men.’”

Plus, we can’t really be mad at Mitt Romney for putting women in binders, that’s where he keeps all the things that turn him on.  For Mitt, keeping women in the same thing he keeps his bank statements in is a huge compliment.

And who would have thought that Mitt Romney of all people would have made a contribution to rap music at the debate? Now we know that when rappers say they have, “stacks on stacks on stacks,” they aren’t bragging about how much money they have.  They’re bragging about how many binders full of women they have.

Now, will I admit that Mitt Romney could have phrased what he was trying to say in a more tactful way?  Yes.  Could he have said instead that he worked hand-in-hand with women’s groups to find qualified candidates for many positions on his staff (excuse the pun) and left it at that?  Yes.

Fortunately, for Mitt Romney he’s run a great campaign.  It’s set him up beautifully to deal with this controversy.  They’ll make it seem like he never even said what he said.  Just they way they have with nearly every other position he’s taken.

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    • MaryCatherine

      I was someone who was disappointed with his comments. I don’t care about the use of the word “binders.” I don’t think that many women really care about the use of the word binders. I thought the context of the comment was disappointing. He didn’t know any qualified women that he wanted to appoint? Really? Ok. Well, that’s disappointing, since it speaks to how he has conducted himself professionally before he was in the spotlight. But, I’m willing to be open-minded since he said he made a good faith effort to reach out to women’s groups to get a balance in his cabinet. What a great idea! Oh wait…he didn’t? The women’s group gave him that binder as he entered office and he’s now mischaracterizing his actions to appear more women-friendly (http://tinyurl.com/8zzelgm)? That’s disappointing.

      I refuse to give him pity points because he’s not saying something reprehensible and ignorant like many of his colleges (e.g., rape comments). I won’t treat him like an ignorant misogynist and reward him for not saying stupid things. I expect him to be in tune with women’s issues. I think that’s the most respectful way to listen to him as a candidate. Therefore, I was disappointed and I continue to feel that way. I want him to change my opinion and I am waiting for him to do so.