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The Bret Easton Ellis/Lindsay Lohan Lovefest May Finally Be Over

Bret Easton Ellis angry Lindsay Lohan calls out tweet The Canyons ADR missed schedule didn't show up to work lovefest over James Deen

Here is Lindsay Lohan on the set of her new film The Canyons with co-star James Deen. This photo was taken a few months ago, during filming. Guess where Lindsay wasn’t yesterday?

Yes, we’re all so surprised that LiLo didn’t come to work when she was expected to, making people wait for her to simply do her job. But what’s interesting is that novelist-turned-screenwriter for the film Bret Easton Ellis, who cast Lohan, does seem surprised. And angry! He was so steamed that he decided to broadcast all over Twitter that Lindsay was shirking her duties:

Bret Easton Ellis angry Lindsay Lohan calls out tweet The Canyons ADR missed schedule didn't show up to work lovefest over James Deen

The bevy of responses to BEE’s tweet are pretty great: Producer Dana Brunetti – who’s been feuding with Ellis over the Fifty Shades of Grey movie — cracked a few jokes, but it was the fans who dealt the best burns at LiLo’s expense. The most amusing part, however, is how surprised Ellis seemed. It was just a matter of time before Lindsay screwed up and missed work, since that’s become her M.O. on recent projects like Scary Movie 5 and Liz & Dick.

When the first teaser trailer for The Canyons premiered a week or so ago, one of the higher-ups posted on the official Facebook page with such effusive praise for their star:

Showed LL the film tonight. She saw and she understood. What a wonderful moment for her. Some tears, some hard words, some kisses but that’s life in Lindsayland. Sometimes the movie gods smile. Sometimes you get lucky. LL and I got lucky.

Most likely it was director Paul Schrader heaping this praise on Lindsay, but Ellis has also put his support behind the troubled starlet before. In fact, when they first cast her, he tweeted, “Could not have dreamed of a better cast. Lindsay nailed it…” Of course, maybe that ellipsis reflected his own subconscious anxiety, which has now been realized.

This could be the first time we’ve witnessed a Lindsay fuck-up in real time. Although she hasn’t yet responded over Twitter, a source (sigh) tells GossipCop, “She did not miss anything.” We won’t believe it til she actually shows up for her next ADR session.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicholas-Cobraetti/1173068697 Nicholas Cobraetti

    “She did not miss anything.” Riiight. Like: “She was not drinking” “She was not driving” “There were no drugs or alocohol ” “Ok, there WAS drugs and alcohol, but someone elase brought it” “She has no idea where the earing is” …ad infinitum…