Selena Gomez: Superstar or Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend?

What do you think of when I say “Selena Gomez“? Do you think of an actress/singer who was on an Emmy winning Disney show? Do you think of someone who has had multiple radio hits with her band? Do you think of someone who has starred in tons of movies?

Or do you think, “Oh, she’s Justin Bieber‘s girlfriend!”

If you’re like me, you mainly associate Selena with Justin. When she had her Disney show, I was too old to be watching the network, and I never really got into her music (but I do know all the words to “Love You Like a Love Song”). And because of that, I feel like a lot of people my age or older just think of her as the future Mrs. Bieber (unless Usher and J.B. end up tying the knot instead). I know she has a DEVOUT fan base of tweens/teens who really do appreciate her talent, and I think they are on to something because the girl is actually really talented.

Look how adorable she is auditioning for Disney

Her acting career began when she was 7. She was on Barney & Friends with BFF (but not so much anymore) Demi Lovato. Then, in 2004 Disney found Selena. She started acting on the show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and then she eventually got the starring role on Wizards of Waverly Place. To be a Disney Channel star takes a lot of talent. Yes, the shows are cheesy. Yes, the shows often have odd premises. But the actors on the show need to be able to act and a lot of the time sing, and Selena can definitely do both.

She also performs with a band, Selena Gomez & The Scene. She’s the singer, obvi, and she’s even co-written some of the bands songs. They’ve had multiple Billboard hits and won People’s Choice and Teen Choice awards. So why didn’t I hear much about Selena until she started started dating Justin? And even now that I am hearing about her in tons of tabloids and celebrity news segments, why aren’t people talking about her talent? I hear about the dates her and Justin go on or if they may be having trouble in their relationship. But I guess the bright side for Selena is at least I am actually hearing about her.

I can’t get this out of my head

Besides being a singer/actress, Selena is also a business woman and a charitable person. She has a clothing line called Dream Out Loud in Kmarts around the country, and the clothes are totally cute if you’re a tween. What other tween stars had a clothing line at a discount store? Oh that’s right! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Those girls are now billionaires who never have to work again if they don’t want to, and they now show their high fashion line, The Row, at fashion week.

Look at her designing clothes!

Last January, Selena put on a concert to raise money for UNICEF. Selena has been active in UNICEF for a few years now, and at the January concert, she and her band raised more than $200,00 for the charity. She was also recently named the first charity ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest foundation, which builds media centers at hospitals for kids to help them channel their creativity. And if that’s not enough do-gooding to convince you that Selena is amazing, she also works with the Enough Project to raise awareness about genocide in countries around the world.

Before dating Justin, I had NO idea who she was. The only Disney Channel star I knew was Miley Cyrus because she’s kind of a wackadoo. Now, Selena has a bunch of people, who aren’t her main demographic, talking about her and knowing her name. All because of a guy she’s dating. Most of these people probably aren’t taking the time to learn how accomplished Selena is (because seriously, how many people are going to watch an E! News report about her and Justin going to lunch and then think, “Oh, maybe I should look that brunette girl up on Wikipedia”? Nobody).

Here at Crushable, we think she’s awesome. We think she’s a super talented girl who doesn’t need a guy to make her famous. If she wasn’t dating Justin, she could totally stand on her own and rise to super stardom. That’s why she’s one of our 25 Crushable Girls Under 25. She’s only 20 years old and she’s achieved so much, and I think people should know that instead of knowing that she’s that girl who gets death threats from Bielibers. Sure right now everyone knows her as Mrs. Bieber, but it won’t be long before she’s so successful that people start calling Justin Mr. Gomez.

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    • zamzam

      Selena Gomez is a superstar i luv her career part of life mo than the fact dat she is Justin’s girlfriend

    • Shawn Perreault

      Now what I don’t like is when the media is talking about Selena a lot of them have as the headline saying something like this. ” Justin Biebers Girlfriend Selena Gomez was at the hospital today visiting patients”
      Why is Justin’s name in there when he wasn’t even there with her.
      You don’t see this. “Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend was seen getting pulled over for speeding”
      Also when a story is about just Selena why is Justin’s name put in the story when it has nothing to do with him. For example “Selena Gomez was seen having a girls day out and Justin Bieber wasn’t anywhere insight”. Who cares if he wasn’t insight his name shouldn’t even be in the story.
      Many times when I look up something online and I google search Selena Gomez almost every article is about Selena but also has Justin’s name in it. Why?
      They’re dating big deal but his name doesn’t have to be in those articles when it’s about Selena.
      You don’t see a story about Miley Cyrus have Liam’s name in it if it’s about Miley or Angelina Jolie article that’s about her and have Brad Pitt’s name in it if it’s just about Angelina.
      I thin Justin Bieber is a major attention hog and Selena is more famous then him and the reason why his name is in the article is just to take away from her fame.

      • Lou

        Agreed! Selena actually has worked for her name but instead people are disrespectful and act like she is only here because of Justin when in reality, she is an actress/singer. Miley hasn’t been in much, yet she gets a name. I don’t understand why people can’t just be a bit more considerate to the fact that she is more than Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. And for those people going to say that if she hadn’t dated him, she wouldn’t have the things she has now and he is the only reason she is famous, here is something to fight with.
        - Yes, Justin gave her fame. Almost like how Joe Jonas had given Demi Lovato fame and Zac Efron had given Vanessa Hudgens fame. Your in Hollywood- two people that are famous together obviously will attract more attention
        - She actually has talent. You can’t get movie roles because of the person your dating; you have to be talented on your own.
        - Selena made money on her own and is financing well. She also donates, invests in businesses, and progresses with different companies. That’s where that extra money comes from; not Justin.
        Sorry to burst your bubble, but Selena is more than just Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.

    • Laura

      She’s a superstar!

    • crystal

      excellent article I totally agree she is not just Justin Bieber’s girlfriend she is so much more than that she is a very talented singer/actress I am so sick of news articles always bringing up Justin’s name when the article has absolutely nothing to do with him I think they are a cute couple but I am tired of everybody putting a label on her saying she is only famous cuz she is dating justin she worked hard to get where she is now and people need to respect that

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    • Ali

      I think of her as the girl who goes to justin bieber for promotion to keep herself relevant because she isn’t talented enough to keep her self relevant on her own