No Matter What Miranda Cosgrove Does, She Loses At Social Media

Miranda Cosgrove dog died poodle Pearl "stay strong Miranda Cosgrove" trending topic Twitter mean fansMiranda Cosgrove just cannot catch a break where it comes to the internet! This weekend her 14-year-old toy poodle Pearl passed away, but I knew from the moment I read the People article that people online would find a way to turn this into ragging on Miranda.

Miranda first tweeted the news last night:

My dog, Pearl, passed away today. She was there on my first day of kindergarten and my first day of college. I’ll love her forever

Right around the same time, Cosgrovers got “Stay Strong Miranda Cosgrove” to trend on Twitter, but what was intended as a message of support to their idol became a way to make fun of her and her fans. Plenty of other Twitter users responded with tweets ranging from mocking to derisive:

"stay strong Miranda Cosgrove" worst tweets

"stay strong Miranda Cosgrove" worst tweets

"stay strong Miranda Cosgrove" worst tweets

"stay strong Miranda Cosgrove" worst tweets

Now, I can see where the first Twitter user was coming from. Yes, it seems rather frivolous for thousands of fans to mourn a starlet’s dog when there are much worse problems in the world. Additionally, I found several Twitter profiles for Pearl, i.e., people who posted as the dog. That’s a bit much. However, that hyper-focused passion (and sometimes lack of perspective) exists in any fandom. To call out Cosgrovers doesn’t change the situation. Really, fandoms should just leave each other alone. And when they pulled out the mean Michael Jackson joke? It’s just not worth it.

Since I started writing about how Tumblr seems to hate Miranda — and then the same deal with Directioners — commenters have given me a lot of insight into how it’s not as bad as it looks. They defend themselves and say that they’re only poking fun at the fact that iCarly is an awkward show, and Miranda often embodies that uncomfortableness in her performance. They say that actual hatred doesn’t play into it. Again, this seems to be a matter of perspective. I just think it’s cruel to hijack a trending topic about someone’s dog dying, especially because most of us have experienced that same grief. You have to imagine it was especially bittersweet for Miranda, as only recently did she start college at USC. She must be glad that Pearl was there with her, only to lose her a few months later.

I have to imagine that Miranda saw the vitriol, because a few hours after her first tweet she added,

Thanks so much for all the nice messages! I’m so sorry for all the other people who have lost their pets. #greatmemoriesliveonforever :)

It just sucks, because she shouldn’t have had to apologize, which is how I read this tweet.

Photo: People

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    • Elissa

      aw man, kids are such jerks!

    • Someone

      IF anyone who had a pet when they were younger and when that treat that pet as part of the family because they are.
      So if that pet dies later on in Life as all things die people will twitt about it they even go as far as having a funeral for there pet and that’s fine to do that it shows that they have a heart.
      When people start making hate comments it’s just people who don’t really have a heart for others or animals and feel the need to be a bully and disrespect the loss of someone or something they love.
      The guy who made the twitt about losing his hermit crab at his friends house should ask his friend why he didn’t tell him that he stepped on the hermit crab.

      • nataliecrush

        hah, could be! There were several fans who did a “why did nobody care about my dead pet?” when the truth is, people would care if they were celebrities.

    • TheGrapeTyphlosion

      First of all iCarly isn’t awkward. The people that hate on it are because they are jealous of the shows success. Because they refuse to believe that people out there exist that like it and care about her as well.

      Second of all it’s not fair to call out the accounts dedicated to Pearl unless you realize the fact that a ton of other celebrities, TV shows, movies and the like have accounts that are based on things that are quite frankly a lot less logical, such as clothes, hair or other random items. Pearl was a living breathing animal that belonged to someone that we care a great deal about. The dog had been with Miranda every step of the way. From School of Rock to Drake & Josh to iCarly and this hateful crap. Pearl’s opinion of her never changed and now that one sure thing is gone from her life. Can you imagine the kind of pain that would cause?

      Third of all the other more important issues would be legitimized if people actually cared about those issues. But the fact is that they don’t, they only pull those cards to guilt trip who ever is mourning something or someone that is important to them. It happens whenever you see a celebrity death in the news and it is frankly disgusting.

      Fourth the people who are hating on her are also disgusting, if they realized what she had been through before they came along then they would have a lot more respect for her. But a lot of them don’t even realize that she herself was nearly killed in a bus accident that ended her tour last year. NONE of their “jokes” are funny at all and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM deserves to be permanently banned from twitter. She shouldn’t have had to apologize to any one of those monsters. They just fail to realize that she is a human being who has no doubt been hurt by their high level of consistent arrogance. They need to wake up and realize what they are doing is BULLYING and it needs to stop. I have an incredible amount of anger from the fact these people think they can legitimize hurting a girl who has done nothing to them. She has done NOTHING wrong and I fear for her and what these extremely hostile words may do or have already done to her.

      Finally NOTHING will stop us from supporting her at all. These idiots can try to make us stop all they want. But we know that she has done nothing wrong and that there is nothing wrong with supporting her. The levels they stoop to in order to spew their arrogant bullshit is proof enough of that.

      • nataliecrush

        Well said!! And to clarify, I definitely wasn’t making fun of the Pearl accounts, just pointing out that they exist. Again, not something I ran into in fandom… well, a little bit on LJ but otherwise not.

    • flychick86


    • jeff

      poor girl

    • Kit Carson Hamm

      peoples who’s do that to miranda are bully just like on tumblr.