Never Did I Ever Think I’d See The Day When We’d Get Proof Jennifer Lopez Has A Left Nipple (NSFW If You’re Prude)

Earlier this year we got the wonderful opportunity to see Jennifer Lopez’s right nipple at the Oscars. Just a hint, a wink , a flash in the pan. But it was enough. After all that’s the same right nipple that portrayed Selena in the movie Selena. I could die happy just knowing her areola existed.

But then, in a complete shocking cameo that no one saw coming, Jennifer Lopez’s left nipple came out to say hello during a performance in Italy this weekend.

Olive Garden! (That’s the only Italian exclamation phrase I know.)

So now, after months of speculation, rumors and endless blind items,  we finally have proof that Jennifer Lopez does indeed have a left nipple. Who would have seen this coming in the same year Katie Holmes leaves Tom Cruise, Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson and Abby Lee Miller gets a spin-off. When it rains, it pours and I’m officially done reporting celebrity news for this year.

What else can possible happen now that’s worth talking about?

I vote nothing.

So now I’m off to write my scientific study on celebrities who have two nipples, with one on each breast). These are the kind of studies that keep science going and I take them very seriously.

(Photo: Kika Press,

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    • Clowncollegesyracuse

      That’s her right nip, genius.

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    • flop

      That’s her right nipple dumb ass