Girl Crush 25 Poll: These YouTube Stars Are Awesome. Get One On Our List.

Blair Fowler

If this video alone isn’t enough justification for spending 2 hours in a CVS, or you want even more beauty and fashion advice, then you should definitely check out Blair’s YouTube channel, Juicystar07 .

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    • ItsMe

      KatersOneSeven all the way!

    • ItsMe

      KatersOneSeven is a HOT cosplay chick. Look up her cosplay stuff and you’ll see why she’s the top chick. :)

    • Amy

      Kristina Horner is my favorite youtuber! She seems very down to earth and makes a variety of videos.

    • antoc


    • Priscila de O. Paim

      cimorelli always, always, always……forever!!!!!

    • Wheaty

      Forever torn between Blair, Cat, Meghan, Kristina, and Tanya… I ended up voting Meghan because like 90% of my music was found via her…

    • Sun Shiner

      YES! Cimorelli is leading !! <3

    • brittkneefan

      aww you should have added brittkneegirl1 she is the most gorgeous most sweet and down to earth of them all

      • Jenni

        We’ll definitely look her up…just because she’s not featured here doesn’t mean we can’t feature her in the future.

    • Cristina Gritti


    • Cristina Gritti

      I love you Cimorelli♥!!!

    • Jonathan

      This is too easy.. Cimorelli

    • ConitaCim

      Cimorelli is the best

    • KathCim


    • Cimorelliband

      We would like to thank the CimFam for voting for us in this poll! Really appreciate your support!! :)

    • Niel Lambert


    • Gail

      Cimorelli! :D <3


      I vote for Cimorelli