• Thu, Oct 11 2012

Girl Crush 25 Poll: These YouTube Stars Are Awesome. Get One On Our List.

Kristina Horner

Check out Kristina Horner in this “Would you rather…” video. Then check out her channel ITalkToSnakes. We’re not even making you choose which one you’d rather do!

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  • ItsMe

    KatersOneSeven all the way!

  • ItsMe

    KatersOneSeven is a HOT cosplay chick. Look up her cosplay stuff and you’ll see why she’s the top chick. :)

  • Amy

    Kristina Horner is my favorite youtuber! She seems very down to earth and makes a variety of videos.

  • antoc


  • http://twitter.com/pryscyopaim Priscila de O. Paim

    cimorelli always, always, always……forever!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/WheatyKins Wheaty

    Forever torn between Blair, Cat, Meghan, Kristina, and Tanya… I ended up voting Meghan because like 90% of my music was found via her…

  • http://www.facebook.com/SunshinerXinrou Sun Shiner

    YES! Cimorelli is leading !! <3

  • brittkneefan

    aww you should have added brittkneegirl1 she is the most gorgeous most sweet and down to earth of them all

    • Jenni

      We’ll definitely look her up…just because she’s not featured here doesn’t mean we can’t feature her in the future.

  • Cristina Gritti


  • Cristina Gritti

    I love you Cimorelli♥!!!

  • Jonathan

    This is too easy.. Cimorelli

  • ConitaCim

    Cimorelli is the best

  • KathCim


  • Cimorelliband

    We would like to thank the CimFam for voting for us in this poll! Really appreciate your support!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/niel.lambert.3 Niel Lambert


  • Gail

    Cimorelli! :D <3


    I vote for Cimorelli