Kathy Wakile Confirms Everyone Knew Joe Giudice Cheated On Teresa Giudice, Except Maybe Milania

The great thing about The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion having 1400 parts is that the secrets keep spilling out.  Such as the fact that Joe Giudice traded his brain for a hoagie one fateful morning in the early ’80s. And the fact Caroline Manzo would gladly trade in her daughter Lauren Manzo for the chance to be Albie Manzo’s best friend.

This week, Kathy Wakile (or Kathy Buzzkille as I call her whenever she dares to have her own storyline) took to her blog to apologize to Teresa Giudice for what happened during part two of the reunion. And by apologize I mean make some lightly veiled insinuations about Teresa Giudice and her marriage. Such is the Real Housewife way.

Let’s start with the part where Kathy uses her apology to Teresa to compliment her own apology skills.

As I told you in my previous blog, everyone does have their breaking point; however, I’m not making an excuse or trying to justify my actions. After I lost my temper with Teresa and I realized what I had said, I apologized for my outburst. I felt terrible and I didn’t need a PR rep or publicist to tell me that I should apologize, and I didn’t need to check my Twitter or Facebook page to see what the viewers thought of my behavior. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It’s just that simple, so without leaving the couch and without anyone talking in my ear telling me what I should do, I said I was sorry.

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for being the bigger person Kathy. Even though everyone’s the bigger person compared to Teresa, so it’s not that much of an accomplishment. However she loves patting herself on the back so much that she wants to apologize all over again. So here comes another insult.

I find it amazing that the person who has the most difficulty maintaining any semblance of a healthy relationship claims to be the expert on my marriage, my relationship with my sister Rosie, and the relationship that existed between my father and his daughters.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I’m pretty sure Kathy’s bringing up the allegations that Joe Giudice cheated on Teresa. Kathy knew? Who else knew? Everyone?

Ugh, now I feel so left out. No one told me before this season that Joe’s allegedly a serial cheater. And as I’ve said before I never would have guessed it because I’ve seen him topless and it’s a sight for gouged eyes – so this did come as a shock to me.

So RHONJ ladies, no more surprises! I want to know everything as soon as it happens. Call me, email me, text me or fax me. I’ll always around to talk and help you help yourself have the most mature apology possible.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.mcvicker.7 Pamela McVicker

      NO, everyone does not know it. I have realized that anybody will say anything about Teresa to get in the news. Now alot of people do know your face is a mess. Do you know why? Because we seen it, we heard you talk about it and we saw it. Have you realize the difference between knowing and speculations? It is not because some one says something means it is true. Now talk about Jac and Melissa pretending they are rich. You all talk about Teresa to death, it is making you look desperate….

      • http://www.facebook.com/beverly.ragas.1 Mae Shirlie

        I think from what we “heard and saw” on the show it is evidently clear Joe Giudice CHEATED on his wife and she knows it. If it works for them to say that he was talking to a worker or some guy I say that is their story and they can stick to that. It just does not change the fact that Joe cheated on Teresa.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.mcvicker.7 Pamela McVicker

        I heard Joe say he had never ran out on Teresa, I have nothing concrete that says he has. I am not going to speculate on it. This season has been speculation with Teresa taking the hits. The way this season has been edited to make Teresa look bad I do not trust anything with out clear proof. I will treat him as if I am on a jury.

    • Diana

      I think all of these women’s husbands have cheated on them… I mean come one they are all crazy, and any man whether he is normal or not could not stay married to them without cheating on them, and all of these women are too stupid to realize this.

      • Mama5

        You are a deplorable woman if that is your take on things, it is clear you were cheated on and are taking your hurt and rage out on other women….projection always tells the real story loud and clear.