Sexiest Woman Alive Mila Kunis Successfully Pulls Off The Walk Of Shame Look

Just days after being named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Mila Kunis steps out of her house sporting the classic  walk of shame look so well that we should just call it a stride of pride. Or in more collegiate terms for our academically-inclined readers, the infamous college freshman 8 a.m Friday class look.

Despite wearing an outfit that would make most of us look like we’re aspiring contestants on What Never Ever To Wear, Even If You’re Just Running Out to the Store, Mila Kunis looks flawless.

She pulls off her oversized sweats with flare and she pulls back her hair with style. Despite the fact that most people only sport that outfit when they’re hungover and/or exhausted and/or starring in the before segment of a rapid weight loss commercial, she looks ready to go run a marathon. Or re-enact all her favorite Jackie and Kelso scenes from That 70s Show.

Or doing something even more ambitious, like teach her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher how to read all the words in that newspaper he’s holding.

Did she drink last night? Did she drink five minutes ago? Is she still drunk? I wouldn’t be able to tell you from her cheery demeanor in these photos.

And while I would personally refuse to ever be photographed (or Instagrammed) in that outfit, she smiles at the cameras. Probably because she knows she looks good.

She’s fully aware that she’s rocking those baggy sweats in the same way she rocked that lingerie on the cover of Esquire. It must be fun to be Mila Kunis.


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    • AfricanAmericanTruth™

      sexiest women my ass she alright lol

    • Alan Abrams

      I see that Ashton Kutcher is no longer dating his mother!

    • lala

      HAHAHA, walk of shame does not mean “infamous college freshman 8 a.m Friday class look”…it means walking back to your place after a drunken night in someone else’s bed. basically leaving someone’s house in the morning wearing your party clothes from the night before. most likely after a late-night drunk booty call. (check for a more precise definition) so the headline (and most of the body) of this article makes absolutely no sense.

      • Jenni

        Should I just delete it?

    • cliffyk

      Yeah… I do not see the “sexiest woman” part either…

    • miles smith

      I wonder if his dad Bruce Willis approve of this .

    • Havewit

      Mila Kunis is not the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s a much bigger deal than that…Mila Kunis is the cutest girl in the world!

    • Tara Horton

      “Sexiest womaqn alive” ahahahahahahahaha oh my poor stomach LMAO!!

    • Tameka J

      I don’t like her, but I don’t see anything wrong with that outfit, considering that she is out GETTING COFFEE. Some people take some sh*t way too seriously, like celebrities wearing sweat pants in public. Goodness.

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