All The Sex Advice You Need For Rejecting The Guys You Don’t Want And Properly Kissing The Ones You Do Want

Gurl Ask A Naked Guy Kate Mari Kissing with Doug Sarah Hoots Sexy Times with Gurl how to reject a guy

Single or taken, all of your relationship questions are covered on Gurl this week! It’s always difficult to let someone down gently when you’re just not interested, but relationship expert Sarah Hoots will tell you the steps you need to take to reject someone without being a bitch. And when it comes to the guys you are interested in seeing — and smooching — Kate and Mari have brought on Naked Doug to give tips on how to be a good kisser.

This week’s Sexy Times with Gurl addresses the really uncomfortable situation of getting asked out by someone you’re just not attracted to, or that you may actually feel physically revolted by. Sarah Hoots draws from her own experiences of getting gently rejected to remind you that the best thing to do is to treat it like a Band-Aid: Rip it off fast so it won’t hurt too much. And never tell the guy just how negatively you feel about him, especially if you have to interact with him in a friendly capacity later on.

Here’s a guy we have nothing but affection for: Naked Doug, who tells the ladies of Ask A Naked Guy about his experience kissing a variety of ladies. His advice runs the gamut from what signs to look for when a guy is ready to kiss you, to if you should be suspicious if he kisses you too early on in the date. The best part is when he and the girls imitate a “bad kisser” face. If you see that coming at you, run the other way!

And he does it all while holding balloons over his privates. What a trooper.

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