I Don’t Understand Why Anyone Wants Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart To Get Married Now

Now that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are semi-officially embarking on a sex-free trial relationship with a therapist who goes by the name of Dr. Anonymous Source, it’s time to talk about their impending marriage. Or did a wedding already happen? Did they sneak away and get married in a top secret ceremony ? Probably, because rumors say Kristen Stewart is pregnant and this entire scandal’s a giant cover-up for their growing family.

Or so a lot of people will have you believe. As soon as rumors started a few weeks ago that the couple reconciled, people started saying that they’re going to get married — or they should get married to solidify their commitment for one another.

Putting aside the fact that I believe this entire cheating scandal to be a Breaking Dawn publicity stunt and that they’re entire relationship’s staged to promote the Twilight franchise, I don’t understand why anyone would want them to get married now. Let’s say you’re a huge Robsten fan. Let’s say you truly love them and believe in them. If that’s the case, why would you want them to get married as they’re attempting to start serious film careers.

She’s 22, he’s 26. Sure, in some parts of the country that’s a totally normal age to get married. But in Hollywood, where divorces are more common than aspiring actresses waiting for their big break, it would seem incredibly stupid for them to get married now.

Not  when they’re both going to be extremely busy for the next few years shooting movies. And not when they just endured the most scandalous Hollywood affair of 2012. Seems like a horrible to start a marriage in the midst of all this madness. Especially at a time when people will be watching the notoriously private couple more closely than ever.

So if you’re one of the people who’s on team, “Robsten should get married RIGHT now,” can you please explain to me why you think this is a good idea. And remember before you start talking about them being in love, that’s not usually enough for a young Hollywood power couple to survive.

Think Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson, the list of stars who married too young and ended up divorcing goes on and on. Love’s great and all, but I don’t think it’s always enough to compensate for two people who need to put their careers first if they want to achieve their dreams.

If they’re truly in love and truly meant to be together for all of time and eternity, a few years spent in unwedded bliss shouldn’t destroy them. In fact, it should only help them figure out who they are, where they want to be and why they’re actually together.

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    • ap

      they are not even married and she cheated already its so scary getting back at her.Rob has 3 movie in line to do abroad.its a long seperation.Rob need to put a chastity belt on her

      • Gosia

        There is no need for them to get separate. She has no films to do now. I even say she’s overworked so she can tail him.

      • ss

        I wish she had some films coming up…

      • Gosia

        Me too

      • lillicat

        I had a dream that Kris was running the kitchen during production of “Rover” (planning the meals, etc.). I must be going crazy.

      • Gosia

        It’s seems to me that I’m going crazy too.
        You see yesterday I’ve heard a gossip on GC. It was said that the next week there will be an event and we will see them or not and there was said that Kristen has samething new, big to do.
        What do you think about it?

      • pcardax

        Interesting …. could be the event that reveals that everything has been the Grand Punk? It is the hypothesis of Twilighter.

      • Gosia

        I have no idea.
        Look there is a new board, if you haven’t noticed yet.

    • Lo

      Look, they have to get married so they can immediately have a ravenous vampire baby with a silly name. Then the Twilight parallels will be complete.

      • ss

        True…. Lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joyce.whitt1 Joyce Whitt

      These 2 people will deal with their own relationship. Beside GossipCop has debunked this old rehashed story. Stop with the name calling and insults. You don’t know them personally. We all make mistakes young and old. From the way you write I assume kid! Get some real life experience before you insult someone you don’t know. If you are an adult, wow. I guess you have never made a mistake, but trust me you will. Kids life is full of surprises, good and bad. It’s how you deal with them that counts. So judging is something that’s only done by God.

      • Jenni

        May I ask what article you meant to respond to and if perhaps I can direct to a place where this comment makes sense?

      • ss

        Omg! Lol. I’m not sure whether your reply to that person was/is suppose to be dead serious or funny….because I read it and I’m dying over here! Lol!

        I was confused when I read that person’s comment. I was thinking what?

      • jenver

        I think Joyce has just written that one comment and copies and pastes it to whatever article is being written about R & K.

      • guest

        she is all over the site .she get confused anymore.lol

      • Jenni

        A combination. It’s just not quite the RIGHT response for what I wrote. Just trying to be a good citizen.

      • lillicat

        Me thinks Joyce Whitt did not understand what you were saying at all!!!

      • guest

        HAHAHAHA thats funny

    • ss

      I love this article Jenni! I agree with you 100%…

      • Jenni


      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        So that the next time she does it – always a cheater u kno – then they can really stone her to death.

      • rob

        you cant caught her anymore .she learned her lesson.Kristen will pay a room in the motel.whoever the next guy .goodluck to him.it wont be Rob I hope.

      • Gosia

        You don’t like him. Why?

      • M


    • dawn

      Most fans think robsten is the most perfect, uber loved up couple in the history of the world because that’s what summit made them believe. I fell for it too but now I see the light thanks to Jenni and her insanity. It really sucks that Hollywood would make millions of people believe a lie to sell movie tickets. People love rob and Kristen so much that they want to make sure they’re happy because they can’t stand to think about either of them being hurt. They’ve seen them together for so long that they can’t picture them with anyone else. Hope that helps

      • realistic

        they need to wake up and get out in the la la land .Kristen doesnt think their love is a fairytale thats why she did what she did.they need to stop treating Rob like a puppet feeding their fantasy alive.

      • Petranella

        I agree.

    • nick

      its so unrealistic they way people behave about these two people.they think cheating,hurting and humiliating your boyfriend are no big deal.its only a kiss ,Rupert married is dying anyway so its not Kristen fault to hook up with Rupert.how much more unreasonable excuses they can make for Kristen to absolved her from cheating on Rob .its Robs fault,its libertys fault and its everybodys fault .they are condoning her with her mistakes.they are shoving Kristen down inside Robs throat.take her back already who cares about your feelings.youre just a piece of wood,youre not intitled to feel angry,vengeful ,sad ,hurt and any reactions from being cheated.youre a saint forgive her already she is just a human being and youre not.

      • ss

        Well it’s a good thing Rob doesn’t listen to any of those people. People can say whatever they want and feel whatever they want. It doesn’t matter. Rob will whatever the hell he wants to and feels too do. With that saying, he seems to have a mind of his own and will do what he pleases. And do what makes him happy…..not what others (fans etc) happy.

    • Peony

      Are you trying to tell me that you actually believe the gossip mags/articles when they say that Kristen and Rob are getting married/are already married/were married in their past life?You just wanted to write something more on the Kristen saga.I understand why you did so too.People just dont seem to be able to leave Kristen alone(i saw a post on tumblr which claimed Kristen died on vacation in an accident).I wonder how the tabloids made money prior to Kristen Stewart.

      • maggie

        there is always someone to write about. the tabloids, even news media, are piranha. they find something/someone people are interested in and pick it for days, weeks, months, or however long they can bleed money from it, then move on.

    • ss

      I re-read the article again…. Why are some people getting so hot and bothered for??? Jenni didn’t write anything negative. Jenni first mentions all of the crazy “rumors” and stories out there about KS and RP. And then mentions the “anonymous” sources. Cmon people, need I say more??? She then states “putting aside the fact that I believe this….” She is putting aside her own beliefs/opinions. She wonders “why anyone would want them to get married now?” NOW…is the key word here. Then she gives realistic reasons as too why RP and KS shouldn’t get married…right now or very soon, matter of fact. Last, she ends the article with basically, if they are meant to be together they will be. And a few more years, of them “just being together” (no marriage) could only help them and their relationship….for maybe something more permanent later?

      This is just how I read the article. My comment is for all the people, who took this article as Jenni believing all the rumors and or is saying anything negative about both RP and KS. Because she isn’t. She is just being realistic. Hope I got it right Jenni!lol If I am wrong, oh boy…lol

    • maggie

      Simple..the poor, naive people who love them can continue to believe that a) they have and are a real couple rather did together as a product of the hollywood PR machine and b) love is all you need. HAHA!

    • lillicat

      Jenni, they could be happy together not being married. I think the more pressing thing to secure their relationship is to get out of HW. Even if they go up or down the coast a couple of hours. There is just too many people that want to rip them apart there. I’m sure Kris doesn’t want to be too far from her Dad right now, and there is the issue of Bear having to go through quarantine for 6 months, so perhaps moving to England is not an option at this particular time.

    • lillicat

      BTW, I liked the article. You crack me up as usual.

    • Petranella

      I don’t even understand how they could have a relationship previously or now– with all the talk about their relationship on the internet. Even if they go out of their way to avoid it, other close people in their lives do look at the computer!

    • Delinda

      Don’t you people think that if they where it would be all over the news and on more magenzie. I think that they are back togther and going to get married in 1 year

    • Rose

      I think ever one should just leave them alone what if everything you did ever one was watching you and talking about you .this is a job to them just like a doctor ,plumber or anything ,how would they feel if they were being watch or talk about .maybe sum of you got married young and ever one said it would not last and you just had your 60th anv no one is promised any days so if there happy a few yrs or happy together for many years