Are The Jonas Brothers Too Far Gone For A Comeback?

Jonas Brothers comeback too far gone Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Married to Jonas reality show E!We got a taste of this while watching Married to Jonas, but now it’s official: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas are looking to relaunch their careers. Reuniting for the first time in three years, the boys — nay, men — chatted with Newsday about the challenges they’re facing this time around. Because as we all know, it’s really difficult for boy bands to reboot themselves. And the JoBros are dealing with an especially tough time now that One Direction has settled into the turf they used to own.

One thing I’ll grant the boys — yeah, I can’t shake that habit — is that they’ve planned out a big performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City tomorrow night in order to help get them through the last hump of their creative process. Because, as Joe pointed out, ”Everything’s online these days so you play one song, and it’ll be all over the world in two minutes.” And yet, as self-aware as they seem, I just don’t think they can seriously hack it as a band anymore.

I feel like each boy band is a product of its specific era, and just can’t translate that same appeal years later. *NSYNC was never the same after Justin Timberlake struck out on his own. Just because the Hanson brothers still hang out and make music together doesn’t mean they’ve come back in any way. And even though Backstreet Boys technically came back when they teamed up with New Kids on the Block, both groups are just riding on nostalgia and haven’t gained any new fans.

Then there’s the fact that boy bands and fandom have been so radically transformed in the past half-decade. Ironically, most of that credit goes to the Jonas Brothers! I remember hearing my little cousin gush over them and realizing that these kids’ dedication and love for this purity-ring-wearing idols was so different from ten years prior when I was their age. But now I wonder if their managers would have wanted to present the boys as the opposite, as the horny teenagers they actually were instead of the safe, desexualized Disney stars. Because after they disbanded, One Direction swooped in with their tattoos and older women and randy British ways, and now Tumblr is more sexual than I ever would have imagined.

That’s not to say that the boys won’t stay in the public eye as their individual selves. Part of the beauty of the JoBros breaking up was the very different paths that each member took: Nick went to Broadway, Kevin’s a reality star, and Joe is judging the next up-and-coming talent. I think those are all impressive career evolutions, and the boys shouldn’t put pressure on themselves to make new music. They’ve got enough going on!

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    • a Jonas Fan Forever

      “But now I wonder if their managers would have wanted to present the boys as the opposite, as the horny teenagers they actually were instead of the safe, desexualized Disney stars” are you KIDDING me??? the Jonas Brothers are the best idols in the entire world. I am writing this as a diehard fan. Obviously, you’ve got something against the Jonas Brothers. Every single article on this site about them is trashy, rude, and completely biased. I’m allowed to be biased because I’m a fan, but at least I don’t go around bashing other fanbases. I can see that you’re obviously a Directioner, and you like to rub it in that the Jonas Brothers aren’t a boyband fad anymore, and they are actually moving into a deeper realm of music for their actually DEDICATED fans.

      Lets start with the basics. What I quoted from you earlier.

      1. The “managers” didn’t want to “present” the boys as anything. Their DAD was and still is one of their managers. So you’re saying that to get more publicity, their dad should have portrayed his teenage sons (let me remind you that when they debuted, Nicholas was only THIRTEEN) to the world as man whores??? That’s wrong. Also, the boys were the ones who chose to be public about their purity. And they actually stuck with it.
      2. “the horny teenagers they actually were” UM, CAN YOU HEAR YOURSELF? THESE ARE THE JONAS FREAKING BROTHERS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! See statement number one. Plus, um, none of them are teenagers any more! They’ve grown up! Kevin is married! Joe is TWENTY THREE! Nick just hit TWENTY, he’ll be voting this year! The Jonas Brothers have moved on from that teenagery pop star phase – you should too.
      3. The words “safe”, “desexualized” and “Disney” are NOT relevant in context with the words “Jonas” and “Brothers” any more. “Safe” is wrong because the boys CHOSE their own image – no one made them do anything, which is why they are the way they are now. Real fans are proud of them. “Desexualized” is wrong because you obviously never read any tweets from the Jonas Fanbase. Plus, you talk about Tumblr being sexual, implying that this is because of 1D. Again, look at some stuff from the Jonas Fanbase. We have grown up with them, we’re not annoying, screaming 13 year olds anymore. And, the boys have never been desexualized, they just showed an ounce of self control which is apparently not expected in this world any more, which is pretty sad. “Disney” was. The Jonas Brothers manage themselves now. See

      So you may want to check the facts before you bash the three best role models in the world. And be prepared for a lot of angry fan letters, just like this one.

      - a Jonas fan forever.

      • rebecca76

        agree with you


      I think the jonas brother got what it take to kick the one diectons butt the jonas brother know what there doing and have been arond for a long time they got this oh ya sorry I am 21 and I grow up lessoning to the jonas brothers I think there the best so yes its been 3 years but so what who cares they can do it even if there are people out there saying stuff I say those people must not like them or they like the one direction and there talking nonsents the jonas brothers are and alwaysbe the best

      • nataliecrush

        So after they broke up/took a break, did you find yourself listening to Bieber or One Direction? Or were you always a loyal JoBros fan?

    • MIN

      Did you see the concert? It was great. They have matured. They gave a great show. Changed up a lot of stuff and got very innovative. They did a great version of “Falling Slowly” from “Once” the musical.

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