Jim Bob Duggar Giving Jinger The ‘Birds And The Bees’ Speech On Their Turkey Hunt Is Why Jinger Needs To Escape

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

Last night’s 19 Kids and Counting combined everything I love about this show: Jinger Duggar being badass with a gun, Jim Bob acting awkward and ineffectual, and the sex talk. See, Jim Bob took his twelve oldest children out to go turkey hunting with his buddies Smitty and Spook, while Michelle stayed home with the younger kids and we (and the cameras) all ignored them.

At this point, it’s basically fanon that Jinger wants to get the hell out of the Duggar compound, so it’s always fun to watch episodes where she features prominently for signs that she’s burrowing her way out at night. A few weeks ago she basically laid out her plan for running away to the big city and finding a guy who will give her coffee — is that a euphemism? — but as we learned on “Hunting and House Guests,” actions speak louder than words. None of the other girls seemed that interested in hunting, but Jinger took to it immediately.

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

As Jill pointed out, Jinger was the only one who put on all the camo, in the amazing shot at top; and looking above, you can see how naturally she cocks the rifle while Spook is still lecturing the others on making sure the safety’s on. From the moment the gun safety class starts, you can tell Jinger’s itching to get out in the field and shooting some gobblers. Or maybe it’s because she gets to wear pants.

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

This was literally Jinger’s face when she was waxing poetic in the confessional about what it feels like to have a rifle. “I guess you feel like you have a lot of control and power when you’re behind this huge gun,” she said, with this near-ecstatic smile. “It was just loads of fun, attempting to shoot the target.”

My favorite moment, which I rewound three times, was when everyone’s doing target practice on pieces of paper nailed to trees. Most of the kids got their shots, which made it even funnier when Jim Bob still had the safety on his gun. (“I was just practicing,” he tried to laugh it off, even though everyone was giggling at how dumb their dad is.) Jinger was last up, and not only did she not flinch at the recoil, but she was smacking gum like a seasoned shooter. I wish there were a .gif to do this moment justice.

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

The hunters split into two teams, with Jinger and Jim Bob hanging out with Spook and the boys with Smitty. At 18, Jinger seems pretty at ease with the two older men, which is why it’s such a shame that Jim Bob had to go and make things all awkward. You almost hear the soundtrack change when Spook starts talking about how this is the best time to kill male turkeys because they’re in heat and strutting around to attract the females. Jinger’s face below basically sums up the moment where she realized what she later relayed in the confessional: ”We’re hunting because it was… mating season.”

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

But it’s not enough to let Jinger process that fact on her own. Oh, no—Jim Bob decides this is the ideal moment to compare turkeys to boys. It’s bizarre how much time the Duggars pour into courtship talks, making sure their kids act all properly and don’t hold a boy’s hand til they’re engaged. Mostly, though, I think he likes to watch Jinger squirm.

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

Seriously, you’d think he orchestrated the whole turkey hunt around this!

Jinger Duggar turkey hunting 19 Kids and Counting the Duggars Jim Bob "birds and the bees" talk funny screencaps

Jinger isn’t even the oldest female Duggar, but I think that Jim Bob knew her forbidden thoughts about not wanting to be a Quiverfull mother, and that’s why he arranged this very special “birds and the bees” talk. I can just imagine him and Michelle talking about the kids: “Well, we know that Jana’s drinking the Kool Aid and Jill’s on her way there, too, but we have to be very careful around Jinger.” And of course Spook just stands there laughing. Is it me, or is it really creepy that Jim Bob gave his daughter the sex talk in front of another man? I know I wouldn’t want to hear all those clinical terms and cloying advice around one of my parents’ friends.

Finally, Jim Bob talks about something other than sex: He advises Jinger that the key to hunting is patience. Except he doesn’t realize that Jinger’s been patient for the past 18 years, biding her time until she can put on pants that aren’t covered in camouflage and run far, far away.

In the end, it was the boys who killed enough turkeys to feed the Duggar clan for, you know, a day or two. By contrast, Jinger and Jim Bob kept talking about “the big one that got away.” Personally, I think that Jinger totally nailed a turkey but the editors wanted to make it look like she was a weak girl. At any rate, Jinger tells the cameras, ”I thought it was great father-daughter time. Even though we didn’t get a turkey, it was totally worth it.” And you know what? I believed her. Unlike last week where I thought Jana Duggar was being all disingenuous, I think that these little outings are what keeps Jinger sane, so she actually can value the rare one-on-one time with her dad.

Watch for yourself!

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    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=648265595 Lisa Venezia Giannotti

      FYI – they’re not part of the Quiverfull movement. People always incorrectly assume that.

    • A.Roddy

      Any other family with guns wouldn’t bother me but this one does. They may not claim to be Quiverfull but follow some supporters and the same beliefs. You know the saying if it walks like a duck….

    • Reese

      She looks so cute in her camo. I can only imagine how pretty she’d be in “regular” clothes

    • mrshaggs

      I’ve only seen a few episodes of this show, and what I’ve seen has creeped me out. I only hope some of these kids get out of that house and get a chance to actually make some decisions of their own. I can’t believe, in this day and age, that any woman would let a man decide her fate. Any of the women in my family would kick my butt if I tried acting like the men on this show, including my grown daughters!

    • Joy

      Alll right, I’m sick of this crap! ALL Jim Bob SAID was like, a sentence about the “Birds and the Bees” and you have to write an entire article about it? First of all, Jinger Duggar is a very sweet girl with a Godly spirit and she’s NOT a rebel! And about the “pants” thing…I think all of the Duggar girls have made it VERY clear that they respect their parent’s standards about skirts. I really don’t get you…this is NOT fair to the Duggar family, and it’s not right for you to post stuff like this about them. They are NOT a “baby making army” all they’re doing is following God’s willl for their life and I think they’re doing a VERY good job at it. If you have a problem with them don’t blog about it…it only proves how immature and wrong you are.

      This whole blog is stupid, and you should be ashamed for writing this!

      • Amanda

        Um… I think you may be just slightly confused on what everybody on here means by “rebel”. When we say rebel while talking about Jinger, we don’t mean she turns into a drug addict or a stripper and drops religion from her life. We mean that she goes out into the real world with jeans and maybe shorter hair to make her own descisions about worship, work, dress, dating, etc… I’m sure Jinger is sweet and godly. In fact, our idea of Jinger rebelling does not involve her telling off Jim Bob and Michelle or worshiping Satan. And on another note: There’s no problem with the Duggars’ lifestyle if the Duggars are happy. The reason so many people have a problem with it is because some of the children (Jana, John David, Jessa, Jinger, Josiah, Joy Anna, and Johannah come to mind) do not seem happy with this lifestyle. And I’m sure at least one Duggar girl would like the option to wear pants.

    • Joy

      And FYI the kids CHOOSE to live with their parents. Their parents do not make them stay in that house. When they want to leave they will. What you all don’t realize is that they’re CHRISTIAN, and maybe they just don’t feel God calling them anywhere else right now.

      • Escaped

        You may think that they aren’t forced to stay but believe me they are. It’s not a situation in which they are physically prevented from leaving. Just imagine what it would be like for one of these girls/boys to leave the safety of that household at 18. They have a very poor education, no possessions of their own, and no money. They know nothing of how the world works and wouldn’t even know where to go to get away. If one of them was to leave chances are their parents would disown them or at the very least refuse to help them out. The mere thought of leaving the “nest” is so daunting that they are, in essence, forced to stay home and conform.

        I grew up in a similar household to theirs, we were Providentialists, and I escaped as soon as I turned 18. I had no clue what the outside world was like. Anything I thought I knew came from random glimpses of “life” on television, which I watched at 2am while everyone slept. My family only had a TV to catch weather alerts/reports in case a tornado was on its way. I was so angry at what I had missed out on growing up in a family like mine. While I think the Duggar’s are much more well rounded than I was, I still believe it would be very hard for any of them to escape. On top of that, I bet any money they earned through the television show is controlled by Jim Bob. I pray that one day they see what else life has to offer and hope they aren’t “forced” to conform to their parents ideals. You are only young once and spending it like I did is no way to live.

      • Sarah

        I agree that it would be difficult because they have no money or possessions — that we know of. I’m not sure about that though. The kids must be entitled to the money from TLC. I know it’s different in each state and maybe Arkansas is not very regulated, but in many states, if the parents didn’t allow their children who are working on a television show to have their fair share of the pay, the kids could sue. Sometimes money is set aside in a trust fund. If they weren’t given access to the money, they could sue their parents or TLC or both. And they’re not all kids. Some are legally adults. It’s not like the family is just barely scraping by still and they need all the TLC money to survive. They’re debt free. The house was furnished by TLC and they get a lot of freebies. Jim Bob has built up a decent income for himself with investment properties. They claim their home as a “place or worship” for tax purposes. I’ve heard they have health insurance for life because of Jim Bob’s time in Washington as a state representative.

        The “kids” might have some money in a bank account somewhere.

        I don’t think they’re as sheltered and un-worldly as many people seem to think. They sometimes seem shy or stand-offish in some situations around strangers, but they know how to act and how to get things done. They go out and do things. The older girls actually do seem to have some freedom and empowerment. We’ve seen the older girls volunteer as EMT’s and interact/work with old men. Remember the episode where they made their uniforms into skirts? They act just fine around other people. They were a little awkward and embarrassed, appropriately, but they’re young and it was awkward and they didn’t act any less normal than anyone else their age would have in that situation.

        I know they don’t watch tv but they have internet and they seem to be well aware of how the rest of the world works and what other people do. Yeah, they have “parental controls” or whatever, but that’s easily worked around. Anna and Josh make full use of the internet and probably tv. Anna grew up with tv. Obviously, cousin Amy has no restrictions. She’s an outlet for them. Just by the way they talk, when referenced what others’ do compared to their family, Jim Bob, Michelle, and all the older kids are well aware of what goes on outside their world. They never seem to be ill-informed or surprised by what other people do.

        I don’t think they’d struggle any more than anyone else their age if they went out on their own, which isn’t to say I think they’d do OK. Young people struggle today. It’s hard to find jobs, especially when you don’t have a degree or work experience. Some of them do have work experience though. At the very least, they have volunteer experience.

        If one of them picked up and left without the OK from dad, they would probably be outcast. It’s not expected for them to just leave at 18. The terrible thing is that their stupid parents dreamed up this idea that their kids should go through “courtship” to find a spouse and that’s going to be very very difficult because nobody else does that. They got lucky with Josh.

        And, yes, it’s weird that Jim-Bob chose to make a “birds and the bees” comment to his daughter in front of an adult male friend, but this wasn’t an in depth sex talk.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.romanoff.7 Jessica Romanoff

      I often wonder about Michelle’s body after having so many pregnancies. I have had four children and my bladder doesn’t work well anymore, I can’t imagine what she goes thru and if has that same sudden panicked feeling I get when she feels a sneeze coming on

    • Handy Hank

      It is freakin weird that the man gave his daughter ” The Sex Talk”. I leave that up to my girls mom, my son was my talk. Having that JimBo give her The Talk, well we know she’s already probably gone to town on it in the tub, they take baths right ?. Anyway, that’s the mom’s place. The Duggar dad seems creepy and incest like. Eww

    • Handy Hank

      I bet when Michelle takes her clothes off, in the O. R., her tits fall behind her and the belly rolls look like dough rolls to her knees. Yum

    • Handy Hank

      poor Michelle , no bladder control any longer . I heard from a reliable source, she wears Depends, but she leaks so bad, she leaves little trails around the kitchen. They had to get rid of the dog cause it was jamming its nose into her crotch everytime they tried to shoot video!

    • Handy Hank

      I heard, from a reliable source, the biggest dance in Arkansas is The ” Jinger Jigger”. You play a hymn really fast and sway when Daddy’s not looking!
      It’s all the rage at Bible school!

    • Handy Hank

      Did he just say,” My cholesterol was almost borderline diabetic”?
      What? How was was your glucose then, Methusala?

    • Roosevelt Briarbritches

      This just in, from a reliable source: Michelle Duggar was not seriously injured when she attempted to ride a bicycle yesterday. Her long dress became tangled in the chain of the bike, causing Michelle to flip upside down , subsequently her long hair became also tangled in the chain. The Arkansas Emergency Team responded to find the Duggar husband trying to have sec with his wife while she was upside down and entangled in a thorn bush . The team got the hell out of there before Mr. Duggar could ” reach the well”. Sources say Michelle regained her senses for a short while, but was soon sucked back into the God Wants Me to Be Pregnant Religion , all to soon. Jesus Wept.

    • Roger Rabbit

      What is TLC gonna do next? The Duggars VS The Little Couple… fight to the death!! A tag team wrestling match on Monday Night Raw. It’s coming on Sweeps Week! Plus, the Duggar girl, will be PREGNANT! Noooo, really. I hear from a reliable source, they won’t let the boys and girls use the same bathroom at their home, cause Satan may leave semen on the seat!