This Is The Most Creative How I Met Your Mother Theory We’ve Seen Yet

who is The Mother? How I Met Your Mother theories Ted meets stripper one night stand tells kids the next morning

Ever since the end of the How I Met Your Mother pilot, fans have devoted hours of research, online threads, and wiki pages to figuring out the identity of The Mother. The show has even mocked its own MacGuffin time and again, like when Ted faked out his kids by pretending that Stella was indeed their mom. HIMYM‘s creators have given us a lot of hints over the past seven seasons, and yet each clue leaves us frustrated and no closer to the truth. All we know are a jumble of images: Bare feet, yellow umbrellas, and now a guitar.

Since 2005, people have traded theories online, some deadly serious and others just casting out for any shred of credibility or as a way to bide our time until Carter Bays and Craig Thomas see fit to make their big reveal. I’ve heard suggestions that The Mother died in childbirth, that she’s still Robin despite Ms. Scherbatsky being referred to as “Aunt Robin,” that she’s that random woman Ted bumps into at the St. Patrick’s Day party one year. But this theory takes the cake.

You know how there’s that theory that went around 4chan where the Rugrats babies are all figments of Angelica’s imagination? I remember it getting shared around on Facebook and all of my Millennial friends weeping as their childhoods were radically redefined. Well, Reddit found a similarly mean-spirited yet also shockingly convincing theory about The Mother, via someone who was bored on Facebook one night:

How I Met Your Mother theory Ted stripper single mom funny Reddit

When I read this last night I was all, “YES THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.” Now, with twelve hours’ perspective, I’m a little less enthusiastic but still pretty impressed. If nothing else, it’s a very creative take on the premise, i.e., Ted telling two kids how he met their mom. Because technically, it could be that he “met” — insert Barney Stinson leer here — their mom for a night of fun without, you know, fathering her children. In fact, it could be a lot like that movie Definitely, Maybe, where Ryan Reynolds reveals to Abigail Breslin that Elizabeth Banks is indeed her mother but also his ex-wife, and he’s actually been in love with Isla Fisher the whole time. As I reflected in last week’s recap, Ted does seem to be having a tough time in the flash-forward to Barney and Robin‘s wedding. Maybe he needs to sleep with this stripper, tell her kids his life story, and then realize who he’s actually in love with.


Of course, this theory is shot out of the water by the fact that the kids call him “Dad” in at least one episode. And as kooky as Bays and Thomas have gotten with HIMYM, if they tell you that it’s the story of a man telling his kids how he met their mother… they’re going to remain pretty conventional with the terms of the reveal. Every good mystery needs at least some structure.

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    • Elissa

      How sad would it be if this theory were true? I can picture lonely, drunken Ted now.
      Also, I’m still rooting for Ted and Robin.

    • albear

      I’ve always speculated that the “HOW I Met Your Mother” isn’t the point. The point is WHY is he telling his kids a story, especially since by that age they would already know it. Theory: He and the mother are separated. Mid-life crisis perhaps. The kids are waiting to be picked up by their mother. He’s recounting how they had come together…sort of for himself. And as he is recalling the difficulties endured to find that right, special 100% soul mate he’s reconnecting to those feelings. He’s falling back in love again. Our discovery is Ted’s re-discovery. The “end” is a new beginning.

      • $ilenT xD.w0w~`

        Why Is because in one of the episodes Where Ted’s mother and his Father are hiding things from him he states i am surely gonna tel my kids everything

    • tararae

      This makes no sense. It cant be a strippers house because he buys a house and is sitting in it when he talks to his kids…its going to be some person he knew all along.

    • Lauren

      This is pretty funny. But there are a bunch of things that make it obvious he is actually married to the kids mother. The yellow bus in the background on the shelf where the kids are is talked about in an episode (I think the one where you see her foot), there’s an episode where they are in the future, at a college reunion and Ted, Lily and Marshall get high and Ted says “where’s my wife?” . Reiterating all of this makes me wish I could remember more important things than sitcoms…

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