Something Wasn’t Right Here: Jamie Lynn’s Daughter Maddie Dresses Like Auntie Britney Spears For School

Just when I thought Jamie Lynn Spears‘ daughter Maddie might turn out a-ok growing up away from the pressures of Hollywood and the spotlight of her family, I see this photo of her dressed  in Auntie Britney Spears‘ infamous “Hit Me Baby One More Time” outfit. C’mon adults who oversee this child’s care.

According to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Twitter account, Maddie dressed up as her aunt for celebrity day. It would be a cute gesture, if the song and the outfit didn’t stand for something sexual.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a positive aunt-niece relationship for this adorable child who’s probably genetically obligated to sing and dance at some point in her life. But I don’t think  dressing up as a provocative school girl at the age of four is necessary. (Even if it happens on  every other episode of Toddlers & Tiaras.) Especially when people now tend to agree that 16-year-old Britney Spears herself might have actually been a little too young to dress in that outfit and sing that song for a music video. That maybe everyone forced her to grow up a little too fast and let her life get a little too out of control.

But what do I know, I just witnessed her have a complete mental breakdown in 2007.

Yes, she’s doing fabulous now as a host on The X-Factor, but do we really want to start imitating history this soon, in this family? I think not. So maybe for now we can stick to the more innocent Britney outfits and songs. Like “Email my Heart,” a beautiful story that teaches young children how to use technology to communicate with their loved ones.

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    • Emma

      Clearly Maddie understands the meaning of irony, and has an extremely well developed sense of humor for a 4-year-old. (Wishful thinking.)

    • Larz Blackman

      I don’t like 4-year-old p0rn stars.

    • boo

      I think people need to mind their own business worry about your own let her take care of hers all u people associating porn or anything sexual with children really need to ask yourself why cause its pretty disturbing if u ask me

    • Sheena Tan

      its wasn’t right if he is a boy lol……………………

    • Petranella

      A 4 year old girl dressing up as a 17 year old who dressed up in a sexy school girl outfit. hhmm interesting.

      • Jenni

        I want to say it’s cute, but I just can’t.

      • Petranella

        yeah, I can’t quite find it cute either. Nor did I when Lauren Conrad had the same costume for Halloween last year.