Justin Bieber Becomes Victim Of His Own Bieber Fever, Barfs On Stage

Poor little Biebs “drank  too much milk” and probably OD’d on Flintstones vitamins before the opening performance of his “Believe” tour.  The pop music wunderkind threw up right on stage during his show in Glendale, Arizona.

You can watch it all go down on TMZ, because of course they have a video of  Justin’s upchuck, right in the middle of “Out of Town Girl.”  The good news for all of the Beliebers in the audience is that his dancers didn’t skip a beat, and his vocal backing track kept right on going.

When he returned to the stage, Justin Bieber asked the crowd of puberty and moms experiencing hot flashes if they’d “still love him” even though he was throwing up on stage.  The audience responded affirmatively by throwing retainers, maxi pads and estrogen supplements on stage as an offering to their god.

The Biebs later tweeted about the incident, saying the Glendale was “a great show” and that he hoped he’d be better before his Las Vegas show tonight.  He is now officially part of the Ron Burgundy “Milk Was A Bad Choice” Club.  In the future, we suggest that even though Bieber’s bones are still growing, that he should probably lay off the 2% before shows.

(Photo: WENN)

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