Creeper Status: Taylor Swift Wants To Marry, Have Babies With Conor Kennedy

I’m all for young love. But not when it makes cute little pop stars act like cougars on the prowl. Which is exactly what it’s doing to Taylor Swift. And it’s creeping me out.

22-year-old Taylor has been publicly romancing/obsessing over 18-year-old Conor Kennedy for months. Their relationship always seemed a bit strange, considering the fact that Conor still needs to be signed in and out of his dorm. Because he’s in high school. I was willing to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt, though, and not judge her for dating someone who’s still studying for his SATs. Then I read the most recent reports surrounding Taylor Swift’s plans for Conor, which include marriage and fatherhood, ASAP. And now I’m totally judging her.

As someone who seems to take break ups really hard (and then turn them into hit singles), I would expect Taylor Swift to behave a little more . . . tastefully? With a bit more tact, perhaps? Saying you want to be married before the end of the year is okay when you’ve been dating someone for years, at which point I would assume you’ve both successfully completed high school. But when your boyfriend still has a prom in his future? Not the best thing to put out there.

Frankly, I don’t know any 18-year-old boy that gets excited by the idea of being married with children before graduation. At this point, I’m a little shocked that the Kennedy kid is still sticking around. And if you want to keep it that way, Taylor, I suggest you cool it with the stalk-y house purchases, no more crashing weddings, and definitely don’t tell him you want to have his babies! If you really want a future with your student–boyfriend, you should take the whole obsessive thing down a notch. Or 10.

Or, maybe Taylor is displaying such over the top behavior because she just wants to be a little more country and a little less pop? I mean, what cold be more country than marrying your “high school sweetheart” and then having lots of his babies? But if that’s what you’re trying to do, Taylor, then my advice is: set your sights on someone who isn’t a Kennedy.

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    • AlarTruve

      National Enquirer is the source for this BS? Facepalming so hard.

    • Michael

      So much BS

    • truth

      Emma, if you actually believe this crap you are a very stupid person. The problem with gossip & hateful blogs like this is that you know its a lie and all you have to say is it came from a “source” . What scares me is that when people see a sensational headline like this enough times the stupid sheep start to believe it and it then becomes fact. Its sad & you are a truly evil hateful excuse for a person because you know its a LIE!

    • anya

      What i find offensive if the fact that you think its creepy for older women to date younger men while its perfectly fine for the opposite to occur. If this were a 22 year old man wanting to marry his 18 year oldgirlfriend, you wouldn’t have tried to make it news. You’re basically an insult to women everywhere, perpetuating stereotypes and ideals that women are trying to break free from

      • Jenni

        I think if a 22-year-old male pop star tried to date a female high school senior, there would be an even bigger media uproar. It’s not the 4-year age gap that people care about, it’s the current situation.

    • Dan Epright

      Actually, stories like this have space on the web because it’s all about web-hits — and the search is for “Taylor Swift,” not “Crushable” or “Emma Bracy” — surely a made up name “Embrace-y????” The amazing and glorious Taylor Swift herself has said that love is hard to explain, plan for, understand, etc, etc, etc. but this here is just crazy-talk.

      • Jenni

        Wow. You figured out our code name so quickly! Now if you can figure out the secret meaning behind my name, I’ll give you my secret to creating the perfect blogging code name.

        Here’s a hint. Look at it in a mirror, upside-down.

      • Dan Epright

        Nothing personal Jenni, we all have to eat. . . .

      • Dan Epright


        It’s always a good thing when the moderators reach back in and touch an already posted story. Here’s another analysis that takes a couple more factors into account and may help de-creepify the relationship for you:

        Folks could look at a bigger picture with Taylor & Conor. Taylor is exceptional, beyond exceptional — radiant, sweet, witty, wise and wealthy beyond imagination. She loves kids, and for goodness sakes, with large families and the whole Kennedy Clan thing, she’s surrounded with kids that adore her. She’s also tall, 5’11″ and slender and beautiful.

        Conor Kennedy is exceptional as well: taking care of his younger siblings since the run-up to his mother’s suicide, from an exceptionally wealthy family with a storied past. His distant father has packed him off to a boarding school, but one of the best in the nation. He too is – handsome I guess, and very tall as well, 6’3″ to 6’5″ tall and solidly built. With the loss of his mother, he could use a mother as much as a lover, someone who’d pay attention to Him.

        Taylor has a need to nurture and share her immense love, and here’s a guy that’s taller than her in heels, and strong and sweet and gentle. Who needs who more? It looks VERY mutual. Give them time and space. Their individual exceptional natures make the age difference a minor point.

        Taylor is a long term planner, in three to five years Conor will be a keeper for sure, and Taylor will come into her own – we haven’t seen anything yet. I wish them every good wish and much happiness as they figure this love thing out.

      • Jenni

        So Taylor serves as his mother/lover in this relationship?

      • Dan Epright

        No, more of a “mothering” lover. Just an impression. A lot of other stuff in this, if that’s your trigger, it says more about you than them. She’s clearly a pretty empathic young lady, almost an “empath.” If she recognizes a need, I think she’d have a motivation to fill it. Some of the more senior Kennedys are on record saying Taylor is good for Connor, an empathetic friend helping him get through a tough and lonely spot. The love might fade when he’s back on his feet, and back on his feet sooner than he would have been if Taylor hadn’t paid attention to him. But, when you go through a tough spot and you find out who your friends are, you stick with them, they’re treasures. But what do I know? I’m just a Swiftian fan, looking at her through my own eyes.

    • Courtney

      Um the source of this article is The National Inquirer? So while you may be “totally judging” Taylor, I’m “totally judging” you, Emma Bracy, for taking something that seems so ludicrous from a consistently unreliable source and treating it as fact.

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