Let’s All Make Fun Of Rebel Wilson For Daring To Be Fat AND Be An Actress

Just saw on Vh1 that people on the Internet commonly attack Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson for being fat. This makes her sad. It also makes her feel the need to join Jenny Craig and become their spokesperson.

Good. I’m glad she’s finally realizing how disgusted everyone is by her body. So yeah Internet, let’s all attack Rebel Wilson for being fat and for being an actress. Because that’s like totally gross. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be an actress, but I’m also not saying she should. Because, c’mon she should lose weight before being all up in our faces with her obesity. She’s totally glorifying being fat because she’s all like, “despite being overweight, I can still have a job!” And that’s a horrible message to send to children.

So what if she’s hilarious and talented! That doesn’t matter. We want to see better looking versions of ourselves in movies.

Let’s only hire skinny actresses to play leading lady roles. They’re so much nicer to look at. Plus it gives us something else to complain about.

Then we can be all like, “we want to see people of normal shapes and sizes in the media! But by normal we don’t mean thin or fat, just like normal. But not athletic or muscular, just normal. Well slightly muscular, no flab please! But also, no toned arms, because that’s unrealistic. Oh, don’t forget great boobs! Maybe with a hint of a rib cage showing. Okay? Great!”

Or we can stop getting angry at people for being fat. Because it’s nonsensical. Someone else’s fatness doesn’t affect your weight or your lifestyle or your eating habits. So attacking them like a crazy person who just learned the power of anonymity on the Internet makes you an asshole.

(Photo: Thomas Janssen, Pacificcoastnews.com)


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    • http://twitter.com/FantasyMother fantasymother

      Normal. Have we taken a look at normal of late?

      No, not talking about film normal, or Photoshopped magazine normal, or the normal those who sell us products (like Jenny Craig) want us to believe is normal. Take a look at a crowd of people not lined up for the red carpet. The lady above is… normal.

      Had a debate with some folks over the recent photos of Kristen Stewart at Toronto (yes, sorry I said her name but hey, it’s relevant.) The first words out of their mouths was how gorgeoussssss she was, how lovely her clothes were. How perfecttttt she looked.

      None of them seemed to notice that a young woman who really couldn’t afford to lose a pound looked liked she’d lost around 20. It aged her around 10 years and made me realize how much the hatred of the internet and tabloids (they’ve become one and the same) can destroy someone who’s used to scrutiny at the level of whether or not she cleaned her ears on a particular day.

      The response to my horror? “Yeah well, she still looked good.”

      Honestly, I haven’t a clue who this actress is (yeah, I’m almost a senior citizen) but my advice to us all is – normal healthy is good – don’t let them try to sell you anything else because yes, they will.

      And now I’ll go back to the dreams of my youth and Jack LaLanne in the mornings along with that really strange yoga guy…

    • Ras Trent

      I agree. She is a pig.

      • J.lopez16

        You’re an a$$hole.

      • fuck obesity

        I concur with this statement. She eats like a pig that’s for sure.

    • Ann Sutton

      It looks like her shoes are too big?

      People don’t know what they want. I was reading an editorial where someone was asking for more “real women” as models, meaning fat. Someone in the comments was upset because as a very thin woman, she was apparently not a “real woman.”

      There’s a place for all sizes on TV. There have always been fatter and thinner actresses, although in the olden days, the fatter ones were always just comic relief.

      If this woman is healthy and happy, and she appears to be, then that should be sufficient for her or anyone. It’s not something to be proud of that so many actresses end up being spokespeople for Jenny Craig or become anorexic. That shouldn’t be a normal phase of a woman’s career.

    • http://www.facebook.com/illsa.gorrey Illsa Gorrey

      The reality is, people come in all sizes and shapes. Anyone who feels the need to attack another person for their looks needs to get a life, a brain, and a personality. Hating larger people is small minded and a sure sign that someone is looking for a scapegoat. It’s also immature as hell.

      • Mel

        Said the fat girl!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Come on.

    • Guest

      That’s something which really hurts a lot ..
      But we are with you always .cool story bro t-shirt.” “

    • Cara

      I love her! She had me in Bridesmaids. She sure did rock that free bangin’ tat.

      • Jenni

        Ew. Thinking about that tat makes me a little nauseous

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    • Fuck Obesity

      Yea, being obese is ok. Instead of doing something about it, we should just accept it. After all, it’s completely fair that some obese person takes us 2 seats on the train or bus. It’s fair that they take up so much space in a crowded train or bus. It’s fair that we have to have money taken out of our taxes to support their extremely lazy asses. Yep.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Your compassion is palpable.

    • Ashley

      If it didn’t say that your name was “Jenni” I’d think you’re just a horny guy, who thinks Hollywood should only hire “attractive” women for main parts, just so he can get someone eye-candy to stare at while watching a movie. I don’t know if you’re overweight yourself – that’d be a shame if you were & think you can say this stuff about other big people – but let me ask you, do you think it’s perfectly fine to look a heavier 9-year-old-girl in the face & tell her that she can’t be an actress someday because she’s “too fat”? I think our society needs to be move accepting; and – not encourage girls to have bad eating habits, and be overweight – but let them know that you don’t have to give up on their dreams because they’re “too fat”, and let them be able to feel comfortable in their own skin.

      • Jenni

        You know Jenni is a unisex name right?

    • My 600lb life

      Just watch my 600lb life then tell me it’s ok to enable someone to eat how they want and live how they want. People come in all shapes and sizes but most of those are self afflicted shapes and sizes. Not every “fat” person has a medical reason to be fat. They are just horrible eaters and lazy. Anyone enabling them to eat more by telling them its ok and “normal” to be fat might as well load the gun up and hand it to them. Eating yourself to death by 50 should not be considered “normal” its more akin to suicide.

    • Dreadflow

      Ok, I read the first sentence and the fact that it makes her sad makes it all the more funny. She should not be in hollywood, acting at all, thats my first point, and second, if she is gonna get all upset from people saying what is true, then she should, lose 300 pounds, and leave LA, because that shit happens in Hollywood, people rip on celebs, or in her case, annoying camera sore that doesn’t pice up on the social que that no one wants to see that. I’m sorry, but its kinda true if you think about it.

    • Steve

      It’s on that she’s fat. It’s ok that she’s an actress. It’s just not ok that we are supposed to think she is sexy. She is a crude pig. I say that not really because of her weight, but her actions. Why to fat comediennes feel the need to be so over the top crude? Melissa McCarthy is the same way. In her show Mike and Molly, she is a sweet normal albeit fat girl. But in her movies. And seemingly real life, she owns her fatness in the form of crudeness. I just don’t get it.