Britney Spears: Gimme More… Crystal Meth?!

Remember Britney Spears‘ former puppeteer “manager” Sam Lufti? He’s the guy who’s hip she was attached to in the time surrounding her meltdown phase. The guy that cost her $121,000 when she had to file a restraining order against him because he was doing such a great job “managing” her. Yeah, that stand up gentleman.

As if he hadn’t already done enough for her, Sam Lufti is now making some seriously startling claims about my girl Britney. Right in the middle of her comeback! Like, “meth in the carpet” startling. And that’s just rude if you ask me.

According to NY Daily News, Sam Lufti is now alleging that he once brought drug sniffing dogs into Britney Spears’ home and they found a secret stash of crystal meth.

This is really confusing to me, because I thought that everyone was super proud and happy for Brit Brit not being crazy anymore. She’s doing so well on The X Factor, giving normal sounding feedback, not shaving her head… why would anyone want to fuck that up for her by claiming they found meth in her house? Oh, right. Because that someone is also suing her for defamation.

Hmm, defamation, you say? That might have something to do with the Britney camp’s past claims stating that Lufti was responsible for Britney going bonkers. I’m assuming Lufti considers being accused of basically causing Brit’s breakdown “defamation.” I can understand that. But what I can’t understand is why he would file court documents containing seemingly bogus claims in order to prove his case. Or why he thinks anyone will believe him, because he always seemed like a con man to me.

According to the docs, Lufti’s drug hounds allegedly found “hot spots of drug use” in Britney’s carpet. What is this, Breaking Bad? Like Britney Spears would just go sprinkling meth around the house or something. Or maybe we’re spposed to think the meth belonged to little Preston and Jayden.

The documents go on to state that Lufti claims to have cleaned up the meth mess himself, Stanley Steemer-ing the floor and all before eventually replacing the carpet completely. Like any good, caring, trustworthy, helpful friend would do. Saying he’s covered up meth tracks seriously adds to Lufti’s credibility, right?

All these allegations come in light of Lufti preparing for his upcoming trial with Britney. Does this seem fishy to anyone else? Like maybe someone’s not so happy for Britney and the comeback she’s on the road to making?

A few years ago, these rumors might have had some traction. But now, not so much at all. Britney’s back on track, and clearly NOT on meth. If she was, wouldn’t we be able to tell? She definitely doesn’t have meth-mouth. I’m never distracted by dry-rotting teeth hanging on by just the nerves or anything while she gets her judge on during The X Factor, so this whole “meth in Britney’s house” thing seems off. But maybe that’s just me.

And consider this: Would anyone on meth would be able to stand Simon Cowell? Or Demi Lovato, for that matter? Sorry, Lufti, but my vote is “no.”

Britney’s the sanest she’s been in years. She’s got a great gig on an okay show, and is slowly but surely proving to us all that comebacks are possible. All in all, Britney’s handlers have clearly been doing something right, which leads me to believe that even in the most hypothetical of worlds, if any shred of this meth business were true, it wouldn’t come out like this. Not right now.

I’m no lawyer or anything, but in my professional opinion, this is all a bunch of bullshit.



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    • Bebba

      Meh, I believe it. But just because she may have been on meth in the past doesn’t mean she’s on it now. So her not having signs of it now doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Why do you think she shaved her head? It was because her sons’ father threatened to have her drug-tested during their custody battle.

    • Nancylp300

      I think she very well might have been doing meth and all kinds of bad stuff before she had that meltdown but I can’t help but compare her parents to Lindsay Lohans parents. Brits parents knew Brit was in trouble & did what they had to do to get her & her fortune under control, niether parent craves the spotlight, Lindsays parents use their daughter for whatever they can get including as much public attention as possible…even as negative as it is.

    • Sandra Siracusa

      Britney was NEVER on any drugs her mom Lynne didi see Luft put something into her food though…now he;s trying to say Britney did drugs? Don;t buy into it he;s a low life trying to get money from Britney ,since her was trying to have her only rely on him back when he was with her so he could gain control of her money THANK GOD her dad Jamie stepped in at the right time and kicked him the hell out!!

    • Treez

      I believe she prob was on meth look at her skin and how hag here an old she looks now while I don’t think she’s on it any more like Lindsey Lohan who to looks haggered it shows how drugs can have a bit influence on your looks aswel as behaviour