The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night’s Episode Was The Worst

Okay, Glee. I’m a little insulted by last night’s episode. As someone who just spent four years studying magazines in college and doing internship after internship and who moved to New York City right after graduation to find a magazine job and STILL hasn’t found one, I’m super annoyed at your portrayal of Kurt and his internship at

Kurt Hummel is a high school graduate from Ohio whose only real work experience is being a barista for three months. So suddenly he decides to move to New York and just wants an internship at Easy peasy, right? WRONG. For all Conde Nast internships, you have to apply through their internship program application about three months in advance. SO if Kurt wanted an internship there, he would have had to apply back in April or May. ALSO, the most important thing, to be an intern at Conde Nast YOU HAVE TO GET COLLEGE CREDIT. And since Kurt isn’t going to college, he definitely shouldn’t be able to intern.

But let’s pretend he applied the right way. In his interview, Isabelle Wright, senior editor of played by Sarah Jessica Parker, tells Kurt she LOVED his online resume, especially his gallery of photos of him wearing trendy outfits. Ohhhh okay. So that’s why I haven’t gotten an internship at Vogue. I keep sending them my resume and writing samples instead of my Outfit of the Day Instagram photos. Why didn’t they teach me that in school??

Also during his interview, Carrie Bradshaw asks him what he sees himself doing in four years. His reply is that he wants to be going to NYADA and working at part-time. LOL. You don’t work for Anna Wintour*part-time. You give her all of your time and pretend that you don’t mind working from 9 a.m. to midnight because you’re working at VOGUE, the holy grail of fashion magazines.

I get that Glee is trying to portray SJP as a nice editor, but I don’t think any editor, no matter how nice, would let an intern sit in on a meeting on one of their first days. AND if they did, Kurt, you wouldn’t have your phone on the table during the meeting! However, props for not answering it when Blaine called, I guess.

I feel like there needs to be a real portrayal of the magazine industry on TV. In movies like The Devil Wears Prada and How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, the magazines look fun and/or glamorous, but they don’t show exactly how hard is to break into. And Glee just made things 1000 times worse. Kurt didn’t have to check his email every five seconds waiting to hear back about an interview. We didn’t see him sending follow-up email after follow-up email about a job he applied for and really wants (but probably isn’t getting if they aren’t answering the follow-up). He just walked into his interview and was hired on the spot because he can pull off a hippo brooch.

*Anna Wintour, since I know you probably check every day, if you’re reading this, please fire Kurt and hire me instead.


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    • Laura Donovan

      THANK YOU. Last night’s episode infuriated me.

    • Better Taste Than You

      Someone is bitter. Sorry you’re not talented enough to get hired!

      • Jenni

        Someone is unaware that we can see when one person comments under different names! ; )

      • Better Taste Than You

        Sadly, that still won’t get any of you a job at a magazine. But you hold on to that nugget of achievement!

      • Abi Robles


    • Jude

      Wow. This is a TV SHOW. I wouldn’t hire you, either, after reading this whiny piece.

    • Tryin to figure it all out

      You’re complaining about Glee being unrealistic?

      • Hala

        I know right?…so silly…

    • NotSoGleekyAnymore

      The ‘Makeover’ episode of ‘Glee’ was a complete INSULT to anyone
      who has ever tried to break into the magazine or fashion industry.
      Even with all the connections and experience in the world — it would be
      next to impossible to land a job that amazing (especially after having
      confessed that “in four years” you’d hope to remain there “part-time”).
      Even if a person actually followed the proper procedures and channels — they
      could not even get an internship at ‘Better Guns & Ammo’ as easily as ‘Glee’
      so FALSELY portrayed Kurt Hummel “somehow” managing to do at ‘Vogue’.
      And worst of all — the audience is expected to IGNORE the FACT that Kurt
      is supposed to be a 3-month’s prior HIGH-SCHOOL grad who was on the
      wait-list to get into his local OHIO community-college — and, yet, without a
      college-degree (ex. fashion merchandising, fashion design, magazine copy,
      etc) or even a single college-credit — our young 18-year old kid, who hails
      from some small town located “in the sticks” of Ohio (the “fashion capital
      of the world” — oh wait, I’m sorry, just like everyone else on the planet –
      I keep mistaking Lima, Ohio for being Paris, France … my apologies) as
      he simply email’s “various pix of his ebay-purchased and hand-made outfits”
      (or as they referred to it on the show, his online “resume” … give me break).
      Glee failed it’s fans in it’s handling of storylines ranging in everything from
      domestic-violence to outed-athletes … and now it insists on insulting it’s fans
      – in making it appear that a person can fail their audition TWICE — yet STILL
      get accepted into NYADA (while the one who had nailed the audition in flying
      colors, is rejected); that a high-school senior would apply to only ONE
      college; and that a person can move to NYC — get a large apartment
      – and within days to weeks of their arrival, manage to get what
      would be THE MOST COVETED internship in the world
      of fashion or magazines via emailing pictures of outfits.
      What a pathetic portrayal of life after high school.
      In the media world the term “jumping the shark” is used when
      a television program has run out of steam and creative ideas
      – and — in a last-ditch effort to maintain it’s fan-base –
      decides to throw in one totally-preposterous storyline.
      It seems to me that the ‘Glee’ has clearly managed to “jump the shark”
      with the ridiculous Vogue-internship storyline of the ‘Makeover’ episode.
      – and by doing so — may have managed to strike the final nail in it’s coffin.

    • hihi90

      who cares?

    • Fivetentwenty

      I agree with this post. But I think the problem is that this Kurt internship-plot point seems illogical and inconsistent within the Glee universe. Sure, everything on a fictional TV show is a stretch toward realism at best because it’s written in the service of story. However, in order for the audience to identity and connect with what they are watching, there needs to be some kind of effort towards maintaining a dependable distance between the world of your show and reality. In my opinion, the author seemed like she was trying to highlight the fact that Kurt getting this internship zags way off course for even the Glee standard of event probability and there is no attempt to mask or explain it. It’s laziness and I also take her point that it’s annoying how many shows/movies are lazy about this specific industry and for the record, no I do not, nor have I ever worked, or wanted to work at a magazine.

    • Frances Bean

      This show is still on the air? LOL. I think they jumped the shark a long time ago, but yeah, this episode was worse than the worst I’ve seen.

    • Abi Robles

      Did you watch Ugly Betty? entertainment isn’t supposed to be realistic its supposed to be entertaining.

    • Hala

      She hired him because he reminded her of herself when she was young, and
      he had a website promoting his self-made outfits….I say anything is
      possible if you put your mind to it. After all Chris Colfer had a part
      created FOR HIM on Glee…so its not really a far stretch now is it?

    • Not fit to print

      It’s a SHOW. Do you think any real gym teacher would get away with what Sue Sylvester gets away with? How many virginal 30-something Emma Pillsburys are on the average teaching staff? How many high school Glee Clubs have THAT many great singers and as much production money as McKinley High seems to have?

      The difficulties of getting an internship at Conde Nast are the least of Glee’s credibility problems. And probably the least of anyone’s.

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    • anon

      this is stupid it’s just a show it’s not supposed to be accurate