Anna Duggar’s Sister Has Joined The Ranks Of The Baby-Making Army — With A Creepy Pro-Life Baby Announcement, No Less

David Priscilla Waller pregnant first child Anna Duggar birth announcement pro-life

The last time we checked in with Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting, she was crossing her fingers that she would get pregnant with twins so that she could start to catch up to mother-in-law Michelle Duggar. But it turns out that Anna has inspired a devotee of her own: Her sister Priscilla Waller just revealed that she’s expecting her first child with new husband David Waller. And yes, it’s already a shitshow.

The Wallers appear to be just as big famewhores as the Duggars, because they awkwardly made their announcement over video. Not that they sat and talked to the camera like normal people, and also because they don’t (yet) have their own camera crew following them around. Instead, I’m gonna presume that Priscilla filmed David sitting on their bed talking about the gift his wife gave him: Her positive pregnancy test and a psalm from the Bible. (Listen to his voice and tell me that’s not a closeted gay man.)

And if that weren’t enough to turn your stomach, they also released a birth announcement that’s so painfully pro-life it’ll make you shudder. They start things off by reminding us that children actually belong to the Lord and are entrusted to us for only a short time… then they delve into how, if their parents had been pro-choice, David and Priscilla might not be alive to start their own Duggar brood!!!

In essence, the fact that Priscilla is alive today is a miracle, being that she was born premature and had to be kept at the hospital for some time after her birth. Her parents were strongly advised not to have her because the child right before her was born with spina bifida. Today, you would never know anything of it because health and ability is unhindered.

Following David’s arrival, there were five healthy siblings born, but his mom also had four miscarriages as well. Two of the precious babies miscarried were right after David. David is fifth born and if his parents succumbed to the pressure of the day and only had four children, life would be totally different. We are so grateful that they viewed children as a blessing and not as a burden.

Whew, dodged a bullet there! Seriously, though, it’s not enough to have Michelle telling us in confessional how she trusts the Lord to keep making her push out babies (and studiously ignores the clear fact that each kid she gives birth to is weaker than the last). Now we have to play the what-if game and get all self-righteous about how it’s so fortunate that David and Priscilla’s respective parents didn’t give in to societal pressures. Yes, we’re so lucky to have yet another crazy couple who are more interested in the attention and validation of having way too many kids, than actually taking care of their gigantic families.

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    • obamaisacommie

      Natalie is jealous of the duggar family. Because they work hard for their family, whether on tv or not.

    • Katt

      Let me say at the outset that this opinion is coming from a much more “mature” reader. Back in the 40′s and 50′s everyone had large families (by today’s standards). Infant mortality was high as there was not the life saving treatments of today. The farms required a lot of hands to keep it going, and, BTW that was the life bread of this growing nation. Most rural kids worked 2 to 3 hours before going to school and another 2 or 3 when they got home. I was up at 5am each morning, 7 days a week to feed and water the livestock. Guess what we learned a good work ethic. Yes, you are surely correct, times have changed – but the Duggar’s take no public assistance, they support their own weight, and as for this carbon footprint balonga – they buy used stuff that you wouldn’t and save it from waste. As a nurse of nearly 40 years, I know what this is doing to Michelle’s body, likely the next (if their is one) birth will do her in. But who can say what is right and wrong. I am not a religious zealot but, “be fruitful and multiply” comes to mind. This was an extremely poorly written article, one that I am sure my journalism teacher would abhor. In closing, yes I have children, 2 sons, 6 grands, and 1 great grand – so I do speak from another point of view.

      • nataliecrush

        Thank you for your perspective, Katt! I really appreciate it. I’m curious, when you say you think another pregnancy will do Michelle in, do you mean that she might not survive? Because that sounds terrifying and is not something I would wish on anyone.

    • Goldie Treasure

      If you don’t like what Natalie writes, don’t bother to read her articles. Simple as that. I think you people just like being miserable and complaining.

    • Sally

      although I do not completely agree with the way the Duggar’s choose to live their life, this article was filled with angry nasty & unncecessary insults and accusations. It left me wondering- why so angry? Yes, I agree that 19 kids is a lot of kids and maybe over the top but I’m not against having a big family. The ones I’ve been exposed to have been big happy close families and it’s fun to be around them. I also don’t think that the Elder Duggars need to push or pressure all of their own children to have the same amount of kids. That should be their choice- although I know for them it’s the Lord’s choice. Any how I would never be so crazy angry towards them though as they all work hard and are really good people.

    • Sally

      Why doesn’t this Natalie write about the women obsessed with handbags and shoes???
      I mean I see women with hundreds of pairs of shoes and they still go out and buy more.
      Look at the women obsessed with handbags. They spend thousands of dollars on purses and big designer bags because they want to be like Jessica Simpson or Kim K.
      They over indulge and have way to much “stuff”. Are you angry about that?

      • nataliecrush

        [insert Carrie Bradshaw joke here]

    • Janis Farmanian

      In this day and time when the world is overpopulated, it is kind of obscene to breed like rabbits. I like the family and their values except when it comes to loads of children

    • Rina

      I applaud you, Natalie…somebody had to say it…this is indeed creepy. This is not about having a choice to have 40 children or not, this is about responsibility. You have been called ignorant for voicing your opinion, but everyone thinks is normal that these women are in a race to see who has more children. If that’s not ignorance, I don’t know what is…these women have their own brand of crazy…

      • nataliecrush

        Thank you, Rina! Well put.

    • GUEST

      Wow I too am saddened to have wasted such time reading this disgusting “article”. You should be ashamed at yourself. I will not be returning to this site.

    • DonnaLynn Teto Lanning

      Mid-West Man, I don’t even know what to say about your comments. My hat’s off to you for speaking the truth in a loving way. I wish I had more people like you in my real life. Do you have a facebook account? I think I’d like to get to know you better. (In no way other than talking/friendship, I need to add.)

      • Mid-West Man

        Thank you DonnaLynn, that was very kind of you to say and I appreciate your grace. I don’t usually comment on many things, because life and work tends to race me forward at too high of speeds (like so for most people). I am in the science-tech profession and oddly don’t often add extracurricular blogs or technical excursuses beyond the chaos such is normal. I do not have a Facebook page though. I have long ago decided not to get caught up in FB. For others it appears great for them and that is cool. I have email and you are welcome that. In my comment on this site and the following ones on Disqus, I felt called and it did open some great positive dialog with other folks – like you. When I initially commented, something C.S. Lewis wrote pounded on my soul at the time: He wrote: “The individual is… more important… for he/she is everlasting and the life of a state or civilization, compared with him/her, is only a moment.” That moved my pen to post positive prose (i.e. bring light into dark if possible) for [the] individual. Thank you again DonnaLynn. And you may trust that you are not alone, we all – including me – would love more interaction with wonderful people (like you). God Bless.

      • DonnaLynn Teto Lanning

        I would indeed like to email back and forth with you if you don’t mind sharing your email address. Thank you!

      • Guest
      • Mid-West Man

        Had it posted for you for a few days.

      • Mid-West Man

        I had it posted for you for a few days.

    • MissE

      It’s a FACT that if this family were black or Hispanic, they would be vilified rather than praised, and would certainly NEVER have their own TV show (who’d sponsor it??), because excessive procreation like this is most definitely frowned upon for non-whites. The hidden agenda to these Quiverfull creeps is that they want to keep the country lily white by cranking out their massive, brainwashed families and shoving their twisted beliefs down everyone’s throats…but always for a FEE!!

    • Martha Guzman

      What business is it of anyones how many kids these people have…….so what if they have 50 which they just might if Michelle can continue to shoot them out like bullets……

    • zeum

      Anyone see that episode when she marries that guy? My gaydar shot through the roof. Hes a total homosexual desperately trying to stuff away all his sinful emotions and feelings that go against everything he stand for by forcing himself to marry and become a father. There must be a ton of torment in that poor guy. Watch that episode a few times and tell me im wrong.

    • Cynthia Amanda Stamps

      I personally think this show is on its way out. For all the people whining on here about this article, if the authors opinion doesn’t matter to you or offends you . . . why did you comment? Attacking the author, seems to be the theme when people cannot have civil discourse. LOL I do watch the show and I find it refreshing compared to the other stuff on TV. I do have my reservations about what I have seen on this show. You know at least ONE kid is gonna rebel and “gasp” have a beer! The Duggars CHOOSE to put their lives in the media. They cannot whine about criticism.

    • Diana

      I would just like to see ONE of those girls escape and live a NORMAL life instead of being a freakin’ Clown Car Vagina!! I am pro-choice but keep having kid after kid instead of exercising BIRTH CONTROL seems ridiculous. Not EVERYONE can strike gold with their own “REALITY” show.

    • Mel

      For seeming to hate the duggars you sure write about them a lot. Perhaps you see and are curious about their unending joy and love for each other?

    • dflower

      What a nasty, unpleasant, judgmental, bitter, cynical little spew this author has written. Everyone that knows these folks thinks very highly of them. Pro-baby, family and God? Good for them. Its awesome to see positive role models for a change.

    • Anonymous

      She looks sorry to say, but looks and talks like she is mentally retarded. David just looks flaming gay!!!!

    • esbee

      if the Duggar’s think following God means no birth control, that is their choice. But the problem I have found with quiverful, is they think their life style is the only one that God blesses. Not everyone can afford to have nor wants that many children.
      The quiverful quote from the bible means raising sons for an actual army, and in those days, the men had more than one wife to share the burden of having lots of kids. Christ has an individual plan for every one and that means not everyone doing the same thing. Imagine a poor Christian mother in Ethiopia having to follow quiverful.
      Just because there was no birth control in the bible does not mean it is a sin to use it today. There was no electricity nor plumbing in the bible but we have no problem using those things today.

      God does not make cookie cutter Christians.

    • mel

      There are problems in every religion period I am Catholic and we really are not by standard supposed to utilize birth control , what is wrong with modesty and purity? So critical we need to be more critical of teen mom and the welfare system people having kids for more government aide If you don’t give in to social pressures you wont have baby daddy issues , welfare issues and the pain that goes with it I remained pure through high school how I do not know as my mother was a basket case and then made awful choices later it took a decade to come back form those choices I just now feel like I am getting life back into perspective. I wish I would have been so lucky to have these people parenting me Yes they are a little extreme but it does shield there children

    • wannabevenus

      One has to wonder why a person who has such loathing, ugliness, and disrespect towards this family spends any time writing about them.