Screw Brangelina, Let’s Talk About Some Of The Most Underrated Celebrity Couples

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    • Pam

      Rachel and Josh aren’t together anymore. Haven’t been in years.

      • SGB

        Rachel is with Michael Sheen (whoever that is), as was written in the article.

      • Kelsey

        He’s that goofy looking Brit you know you recognize from 79 different movies but you can’t put your finger on a single one of them

      • lillicat

        Think Aro in the Twilight Saga: “New Moon – Breaking Dawn 1&2″. Talented actor with a great voice.

    • SGB

      Okay, when the hell did the Gober split?!!

    • Marissa

      Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are one of my favorite couples. Ever. They’re just so adorable! Aww, look at them, young love!

    • Cat

      Okay so I was busy Googling all of the mentioned couples and FUCK – Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman are divorcing! :(

    • Reese

      i’ve seen tons of blind gossip sayin that Jon Hamm is a big cheater and his gf just turns her back on it like she doesnt know.

      • Jenni

        Ugh, I know. It depresses to read those and I hope they’re not true.

      • Reese

        I really want to write for crushable but i can’t move to NYC. Is there any hope for me?

      • Jenni

        You can apply to contribute remotely. Email Jenni.Maier(@)AlloyDigital(dot)com.