One Direction Fans Force Liam Payne To Break-Up With His Girlfriend So He Can Date One Of Them

There’s nothing more frightening in the entire world than a One Direction fan. Between their determination and their devotion, I have no doubt that they could kill you if provoked. Maybe even unprovoked. I’ve never seen a fan base quite so passionate and so dedicated to their cause.

However sometimes passion leads fans down the dangerous road of destruction. A road covered with bloodshed from the girlfriends who tried to get to close to their boyfriends. Sorry ladies, like the rest of us, you’ll have to admire the boys — Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan — from afar.

Oh what’s that? You can’t handle keeping your hands off them. Well, then, their motto’s clearly stated in the 1D Family Handbook: hands off or heads off.

And sadly for Liam Payne’s ex-girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, she chose heads off.  After months of allegedly getting threatened online by One Direction fans, she finally decided she couldn’t take it anymore. Also Liam was gone a lot on tour and that totally sucked for her. She wants to date Liam-in-real-life, not Liam-the-kid-I-date-who-I-only-see-on-TV.

So they’re over now. Another one bites the dust. I’m scared to imagine how the One Direction fanbase reacted to this news. I just know it probably imagined glee and lust and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Regardless, the less ladies that are involved in the boys’ lives, the stronger they’ll be as a team.


(Images: love with One Direction)


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    • Elissa

      it’s only a matter of time before they go from dating unknowns to well-knowns anyway. Poor girl, she didn’t stand a chance.

    • kat

      This is bull
      We didn’t cause them to breakup. I love Danielle. They had their own problems, it wad not because of us.

    • lol fuck you

      PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE FUCKING KIDDING ME. Almost all people who are fans of One Direction loved Danielle, and wish they were still together. It’s rather sad that you make up shit like this.