All The Sex Advice You Need This Week In Video Form

Are you suffering from “Torn Between Two Guys Syndrome,” or simply trying to figure out if the relationship you’re in is actually a relationship? Relationship expert Sara Hoots, as well as relationship detectives Kate and Mari (along with a hot naked guy) from help answer some of relationships most tricky little questions.

In this new Sexy Times with Gurl segment, resident relationship expert Sara Hoots gives great advice for those of you lucky ladies deciding between two guys. Sara also reminds us that sometimes it’s better to just enjoy singledom.

Sometimes even if you do choose one guy, that doesn’t always mean he’s ready for a relationship. Could your latest love interest just be looking for a friend with benefits? Can a casual hook-up turn into something more? This week’s episode of Ask A Naked Guy features Naked Ryan, who gives us hope and reminds us that nothing is off the table, as well as shares his thoughts on playing hard to get. Did I mention Naked Ryan is a musician, plays the guitar and sings…naked? I think that’s more than enough reason to watch.

Screenshot: Ask A Naked Guy

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    • Ara

      I Don’t Feel Sorry For You: I don’t feel sorry for you Sara that you are inundated with suitors and are spoilt for choice.