Amy Poehler Pranks The Emmys, Reminds Us Why We Want To Marry/Stalk Her

Oh god. I love Amy Poehler so hard that I’m tempted to write friendship fan fiction about the time we stayed up one weekend baking cake pops and making fun of every episode of Sex and the City. And I felt that way before she and Julia Louis-Dreyfus pulled their little prank on the Emmys during Julia’s acceptance speech for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.

For those of you not watching the Emmys tonight because you’re watching Breaking Amish or that big Sunday night cricket game that everyone’s talking about, let me give you the cliff notes.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for Veep (Seriously, if you didn’t watch Veep, you should watch it all right now. Julia’s kinda great and I have high hopes for second season.)  So naturally, she went up to the stage and started delivering her acceptance speech.

But then, TWIST!

Within seconds it became clear that she was reading Amy Poehler’s acceptance speech. Mainly because she talked about loving her sons Archie and Abel and I think we all know those are Amy’s kids — not Julia’s. (See, this is where knowing all the celebrity kid names comes in handy. If I hadn’t memorized all those names state-capital style, I wouldn’t have gotten that joke.)

So Amy and Julia realize they mixed up speeches and trade them. Yet Julia still ends by saying something along the lines of “Amy should have won this award.” Just when you thought the joke was over, it comes back again!

Not only does this little prank remind us that the Emmys would be a lot more fun if everyone took themselves a little less seriously, but also that women are providing the majority of the entertainment during an otherwise humdrum awards show.

Yay for ladies!

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    • Anita

      My favourite ladies…Yay!!!

    • Chelsea Green

      I thought this little skit between the two of them was adorable!
      I’m going to take your advice and start watching Veep now! Julia Louis-Dreyfus must
      be funny in it if she beat out the hilariously lovable Leslie Knope! I kept hearing
      the ladies from my office at DISH talking about how great of a show it is, but I
      always forgot about it while perusing the channels for something to watch. It’s
      lucky that the whole first season is available to instantly watch on, along with a bunch of other shows (tons that don’t need a
      subscription to watch), so I can easily get my hands on each episode. This
      speech was definitely my favorite part of the Emmys.

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