FILMography Tumblr Tracks Down Famous Movie Shots In New York City

FILMography Tumblr Christopher Moloney Cruel Intentions Black Swan The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers

We know that New York City is the setting for so many movies because of its romance, intrigue, danger, and beautiful old architecture. But knowing that and being able to actually track down the specific spots of famous movie moments are two very different things. That’s why we were delighted to discover the Tumblr FILMography: TV writer Christopher Moloney maps out movies set in the Big Apple, from beloved rom-coms like Maid in Manhattan to sexy thrillers like Cruel Intentions to summer 2012′s superhero movies The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. Then he tracks down the specific location and lines it up to his printed-out photo. I’m not sure if he goes for the black-and-white pics for an aesthetic or because of his printer’s limitations, but the end result is quite stylish.

Now, our gallery is just of the mainstream movies that caught our eye, like the ones mentioned above. But the Tumblr also has plenty of genre films and old classics, so make sure you check it out!


Photos: FILMography

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    • Lastango

      I like those!
      I once saw a book of battlefield photos from WWII, with a shot of next to it of what the scene looks like today. I thought it was fascinating.
      We could all do something like this when we get older, by comparing photos of our very early days with now.
      At times that would be bittersweet. Last year, I got the notion I might want to take a road trip and swing by a rural area where I used to live. I could walk some of the paths in the woods, which I picture being as they always were. A bit of googling brought up an aerial photo… which showed that the highway had been rerouted, new roads had been pushed through the area, and houses built in what used to be inviting, protective forest. Truly, you can’t ever go home again.

    • ariclaire44

      The Dark Night rises was filmed in Pittsburgh, not NYC.

      • ariclaire44