5 Reasons I Think Rodolfo From Real Housewives Of Miami Is Cheating On Karent

The Real Housewives of Miami is only on its second episode, and already we have our first dose of some serious drama. Rodolfo Jimenez, the Latin soap star who’s supposed to be the boyfriend of tooth enthusiast Karent Sierra, has supposedly been sending and receiving texts from ex-husband enthusiast Ana Quincoces. And not just any texts — romantic texts. But luckily, Karent knows that’s completely impossible, as her flashy white teeth and long shiny hair have completely mesmerized Rodolfo. Anyone else who tries to get his attention is just a crazed fan, and poses no threat to her. She completely trusts Rodolfo because he shows her every suspect text message he receives, and anyway, Karent refuses to sink to the level of the drama. Which in the long, storied past of reality TV means that she gets to gossip about the drama as much as she wants until it stops going her way, at which point she doesn’t stoop to the level of gossip. It’s a win-win for her!

Except that I’m pretty sure Ana is telling the truth, and I have a few reasons for thinking so:

  1. First of all, Rodolfo introduced himself to Ana when they saw each other last episode, even though they already knew each other via Facebook, texting, and in person. That’s not something an innocent man does in front of his girlfriend.
  2. Secondly, Karent wasn’t aware that Rodolfo had been texting Ana back, apparently because he’d only been showing her the texts that came in. Also he’d been messaging her on Valentine’s Day, which she could prove by showing her Facebook to the other Housewives. He said there wasn’t anything more beautiful than her, prompting to wonder if he was planning her as his V-Day foreplay or dessert. Again, doesn’t reek of innocence to me.
  3. Ana actually has a boyfriend, and a weirdly super-close relationship with her ex-husband, with whom she has kids, so I don’t know that she has a lot of free time to go fabricating a whole relationship with someone else’s boyfriend. Especially because she says she didn’t even know he had a girlfriend.
  4. When Karent took Rodolfo to go get a massage and talk about her future plans to marry him, he fell asleep in the middle without giving her a satisfactory answer.
  5. And finally, I just like Ana a lot better than I like Karent, because she seems more real and natural, and I think she has far less to gain from lying than Rodolfo does. Also I don’t trust a dentist with a publicist.

But what do you think of my super-sleuth detective work? Is he or isn’t he cheating? I wish we could just ask Mama Elsa Patton.

In other news, Adriana De Moura-Sidi doesn’t want to get married, Joanna Krupa and Karent do, Lisa Hochstein wants babies, and Lea Black and Marysol Patton are still holding it down for the (mostly) normal girls.

(Image: Bravo)

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    • Take Our Country Back

      I wonder if this man even knows he has a serious relationship with Karent. She reminds me of the girl in middle school who buys a guy tickets to a concert, if she can go along. Who buys him lunch, if she can eat with him, etc. You all know where I”m going with this, don’t you? If he is a flirty, fun guy he may just be living his life as he wishes, but with editing and to us on TV the massage and dinners look like romantic events. Karent desperately wants to not be single on a TV show, but I think she is. I haven’t ever heard Rodolfo speak of their commitment to one another and profess his true love to only her. Maybe I missed that episode.

    • http://www.FiveBucker.com/ FiveBucker

      Whatever is the REAL scenario, this sure is entertaining to watch. Of course there is some manipulating that goes into it from the editing… but the content needs to be there for them to edit. I’m looking forward to see how it all develops.

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    • noBSplease

      Rodolfo Jimenez is soo into himself I’m not even sure he knows who Karent is. He is annoying, he cut Karent off whenever she tried to express her feelings about the ladies which leads me to believe he wants nothing to do with them because he is guilty! Even if he wasn’t guilty, Karent doesn’t need someone who doesn’t care about her or her feelings. I say DITCH HIM GIRL! he is a grade A a**!

    • http://www.facebook.com/irlinda.garcia Jabez G Garcia

      karent are you that naive the bastard is cheating on you and the girls love to see you hurt.. wake up find someone worthy of you your gorgeous go on with life and let them haters hate life goes on .. lov ya