10 Reasons We’re Very Excited Parks And Recreation Is Coming Back Tonight

The wait is over! After many long months of unfunny sadness, Amy Poehler‘s ensemble hit Parks and Recreation will return to NBC tonight at 9:30 ET. There are many reasons to be excited about this, but here are ten of them.

1. The hilarious bit Amy Poehler did on Leno last night about how smoking makes you look cool.

2. Ron Swanson‘s pyramid of greatness

3. “Stop. Pooping.”

4. Ron’s tortured relationship with the Tammies


6. Entertainment 720/Tom Haverford‘s synergistic bromance with Jean Ralphio

7. Tom Haverford in general

8. Donna’s reaction shots

9. Ron Swanson in April’s tiny hat:

10. April Ludgate

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    • Miranda

      This post makes me so happy! I feel like this show has been gone for ages. I work late nights at DISH, so I won’t get to see the premiere until I get home. Fortunately, my Hopper’s Prime Time Anytime feature records everything on all four major networks every night automatically, so Parks & Rec will be waiting for me to enjoy as soon as I get home. I have missed this show so much! Ben/Leslie forever!