We’re So Excited To See Here Comes The Boom That We’re Giving Away $10,000

We’re complete suckers for heartwarming movies that feature teachers doing whatever it takes to give their students a better education. An inspirational film with comedic elements starring funny man Kevin James? Now that’s even better. When a movie can make me both laugh and cry within a two-and-a-half hour span of time, it immediately goes in my ‘favorite movies of all time’ pile.

So it should go without saying that I’m incredibly excited for Kevin James’ new movie, Here Comes the Boom. It tells the inspirational story of a high school biology teacher who raises money for his school by becoming a martial arts teacher.

The only thing that gets me more excited than the thought of watching this film (and contemplating a teaching career for 30 seconds) is this awesome contest hosted by our friends at Teen.com.

They’re teaming up with Here Comes the Boom to give you the chance to honor your most inspiring TEACHER by entering to win $10,000 FOR YOUR SCHOOL to save an extra-curricular program. All you have to do to make a difference is click on this link to enter.

Here Comes the Boom will open in theaters everywhere on October 12, 2012. But our hearts open everywhere right now. So enter today!

This post is sponsored by Here Comes The Boom.

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