How Teresa Palmer Can Take Over Kristen Stewart’s Career In 5 Steps

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Chances are you’ve seen 26-year-old Australian actress Teresa Palmer on-screen—you just may not remember because you probably mistook her for Kristen Stewart. The resemblance between the two is incredibly striking, even though one is now known as a whorish homewrecker and the other is still scrabbling to really break into Hollywood. In her seven years in the biz, Teresa has worked alongside established and rising stars, from Nicolas Cage to Daniel Radcliffe; she’s often been the best part of films like I Am Number Four; and she’s now playing Liam Hemsworth‘s love interest in the upcoming Vietnam film Love and Honor.

But Teresa could have so much more! It’s pretty clear that Kristen orchestrated this cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders as a publicity stunt to detonate her Hollywood career. Even before she got caught up in the Twilight phenomenon, she had already spent nearly a decade in the public eye; being cast as Bella Swan ensured she would forever be burdened by fans’ expectations and judgments. She wanted out, which means there’s a shiny vacancy in Hollywood. Who better to fill it than a rising star who looks enough like Kristen that we’ll sit through three-minute trailers before we realize it’s a different person?

Here are five easy steps that will ensure that Teresa can easily slip into the role that Kristen’s left behind—but not as a K. Stew clone! While in some cases I’d suggest Teresa emulate Kristen’s career moves, in other cases she needs to see where Kristen failed and how she can make this niche all her own.

1. Acknowledge your doppelganger. Hollywood likes a catfight or a “Girl X” vs. “Girl Y” dynamic, but Teresa seems to have no angst at all about getting mistaken for Kristen, being more flattered and amused by the attention. She told Movieline last year,

“It’s all over the Internet. I can definitely see the resemblance. We have a similar shaped chin and we’re both dark under our eyes with similar lips. I’ve been recognized for her before. Fans will come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I loved you in Twilight‘ and ask for an autograph. One woman came up to me crying so hard — absolutely sobbing. I was so confused. I thought, ‘Did you see [my film with Adam Sandler] Bedtime Stories or something?’ [Laughs] Then she was just going nuts about Twilight.”

She went even further and actually had glowing praise for her more famous lookalike:

“What I love about Kristen Stewart is she is so edgy and so plays it against the norm. It’s very refreshing to see an actress like that really get into the fact that she is different from everybody else and that’s just the way she is. I’ve never met her but I love watching her onscreen. I think there is something dark and sexy about her. I think she is fiercely talented as well.”

2. Star in a franchise. Teresa isn’t quite here; while she was badass in I Am Number Four opposite Alex Pettyfer, the film’s performance was underwhelming enough that for now, the sequel has been shelved. However, she’s certainly on the right track with her decision to tackle a genre film. When we first heard about her zombie love story Warm Bodies a year ago, the comparisons to Twilight were undeniable, from the posing on the poster to Teresa playing a puny human and Nicholas Hoult as her self-loathing, undead soulmate.

Earlier this year, Teresa openly acknowledged the similarities between the movies, saying, “It’s almost like star-crossed lovers and that’s the same thing as Twilight, but it is its own movie. It’s dark and quirky and there’s a lot of humor in there, too.” The movie was supposed to come out this August, but it seems that Summit smartly pushed it to 2013 to avoid any overlap with Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

3. Win over Tumblr. This is perhaps Teresa’s most difficult hurdle, since it’s the Tumblr users with the “Robsten” tag that have been K. Stew’s most fervent supporters. Gaining a following will take time, but she’s set the groundwork with her work in the charity field, red-carpet appearances, modeling for magazine covers, and — most importantly! — inspiring users to create various .gifs of her in her candid moments or especially endearing movie roles.

Kristen Stewart Teresa Palmer lookalikes Teresa take over Kristen's career .gifs cute Tumblr

Kristen Stewart Teresa Palmer lookalikes Teresa take over Kristen's career .gifs cute Tumblr

Kristen Stewart Teresa Palmer lookalikes Teresa take over Kristen's career .gifs cute Tumblr

Kristen Stewart Teresa Palmer lookalikes Teresa take over Kristen's career .gifs cute Tumblr

via ask-hp-pj-thg

One niche where Teresa seems to have some footing is Tumblr’s various RP (role-playing) accounts; if you search her tags page, you’ll see that many users include her photo as their characters for Harry Potter and other RP games.

4. Be badass without being mopey, and know when to poke fun at yourself. As much as Alex Pettyfer tried to become a young adult, sci-fi action star in I Am Number Four, all anyone remembers is Teresa coming in on her motorbike as Number 6 to save his ass. And this .gif:

Teresa Palmer I Am Number Four Number 6 .gif Kristen Stewart lookalike

via samandthewanted

And except for a few unintentionally meta lines in the Twilight movies, Kristen never mastered actually making light of her intense fame. Instead in every interview — especially post-cheating scandal — she came across as tortured and constantly hounded by fans and the paparazzi. By contrast, Teresa threw herself into this great Funny Or Die skit “Quirky Girl” with Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, where she mercilessly mocked every Manic Pixie Dream Girl guys are swooning over in theaters.

Plus, Teresa has a Twitter where she actively engages with followers; Kristen never did.

5. Craft an epic Hollywood love story. I hate to say it, but audiences want a good romance. Now, it looked promising when Teresa dated Russell Brand back in 2008, but they soon broke up and she moved on to footballer Stuart Dew. Since 2011, however, she’s been dating Canadian Scott Speedman. Now, maybe if they star in a new franchise together…

Do you think Teresa has what it takes?

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    • briannah

      she’s been involved with scott speedman for a long time now. any basic research would tell you that.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Right you are! Thanks for the correction–and you were so nice about it, too.

      • briannah

        i wasn’t aware you could pick up tone over the internet. if you’re going to post articles, though, you should do the research. i didn’t think that was uncommon.

      • Irish Girl

        Wow. Why so angry?

      • briannah

        it wasn’t anger? if you’re going to post information on someone, you should do the research. and it was easy research at that.

      • Irish Girl

        Are you asking me if you were angry, or questioning your own existence? And if you go back and absorb the tone of the overall article, perhaps the word “SATIRE” might present itself to you. In other words, this is not a hard-news piece of reporting.

        It gets more ridiculous by the day. Soon I’ll have to bring out Lego action figures and pie charts.

    • Irish Girl

      You thinks she looks like Stewart? Huh…I kinda thought she looked like a young Teri Polo.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Hmm, I do see that with the pic I chose! In interviews she’s said the top three people she gets are K Stew, Scarlett Johansson, and Naomi Watts.

      • Irish Girl

        I can kinda see the Naomi Watts thing. Not so much with Johansson. But she is a pretty girl.

      • Aitch Slavic

        Oh she looks just like ScarJo in the gif with the hooded coat.

    • star

      I don’t really see the resemblance, and I know Teresa’s only 26 but she seems a lot older than the age range of roles Kristen Stewart plays in. Also to me there’s just something very unique about Stewart, I don’t think she can really be replaced, and it has nothing to do with acting skills or anything like that. People just seem to be drawn to her in a weird way, either to completely despise her or to obsessively love her. I’ve never seen this kind of intense interest from both sides of the spectrum on any young actor before.

      • Natalie Zutter

        I didn’t know much about her pre-Twilight though obviously she had a solid film career… Do you think people felt drawn to her even before she was cast as Everygirl Bella Swan?

      • star

        I do actually. Twilight has obviously extrapolated it to a mainstream level, but even within the industry there seemed to be something about her that attracted people in the business. From what I understand Sean Penn called her personally to offer her the role in Into the Wild, and Emile Hirsch then suggested her to Catherine Hardwick for Twilight. Walter Salles also stated that Kristen was recommended to him from others within the business, and offered her the role in OTR at the end of their first meeting.

        Obviously Bella is why she’s globally known, but I think the unique energy she has that attracted people to her has always been there.

      • Aitch Slavic

        I had read that both Salles and Jake Scott (WTTR) saw Kristen in “Into the Wild” and immediately wanted her for their respective films.

        Into the Wild is a great film period-Sean Penn a great Director and I advise him to get something excellent going now for KS!

      • Aitch Slavic

        She was really an indie cult figure before Twilight–and yes I have met people (online) who got rather obsessed with KS in the preTwilight days, and were not necessarily thrilled with the whole Twilight publicity orgy.

      • Aitch Slavic

        KS is very polarizing and has been since the early days of Twilight.

    • Dee

      Surely whoever wrote this is joking, not to mention ignorant and delusional. why don’t you write about something else that has some value entertainment wise since you clearly are short on journalistic abilities. Who cares what Teresa Palmer does with her career, and quite frankly she does not have the attributes physical, personality or talents, to be like Kristen.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Well, I’m pretty curious as to what Teresa does next, since she’s made some fairly solid (if low-key) choices. But please elucidate–how is she lesser than Kristen? I really want to find out what it is about K Stew that so draws people to her.

      • Dee

        You need to do your own research to answer your own questions. Obviously, you did not do this before you made your deduction. That proves my point that you are ignorant and lack supporting documentation of your premise.

      • Irish Girl

        Er…well, she nicely asked you for your opinion, Dee, on why you think this girl is “lesser” than Stewart. So no — nothing proved any point that you evidently think you made. Which you didn’t. Though you did, however, mangle English grammar and syntax magnificently.

        Also, she has a perfect right to write an article on a subject of interest to her. You, on the other hand, are under no obligation to read it.

      • Natalie Zutter


      • Dee

        Is that all you can say……”BOOM”? This only shows how lightweight of a writer you are.

      • Irish Girl

        When you can say it with one word, why gild the lily?

      • Dee

        Writing requires a certain level of responsibility on the part of the writer to be objective and have facts to back up both the premise and conclusion and it is very apparent that this writer is lacking on.
        End of story!

      • Irish Girl

        Why? Have you never heard of an Op-Ed? In such a piece of writing, the author is not necessarily required to be objective or use facts; only to state a point of view or perspective. The above column would, indeed, fall under such category, as it posits a hypothetical and then gives a tongue-in-cheek litany of reasons to support that hypothetical from the writer’s point of view.

        Lastly, you dangled a preposition in your penultimate sentence. I hold firm on my judgment of your grammar and syntax.


      • AFan

        @ Irish Gril: oooooo!!! Snap!! You go girl!! Mmmmmhhuummm!!

    • Whorish slut

      Shut the fuck up you good for nothing low class bastards!

      • Natalie Zutter

        So, which part of the article most pissed you off?

      • Irish Girl

        Are you lost? Or just out of your mind?

    • Whoreish Teresa

      You are the most unprofessional bastards I have ever seen!Rob should take you to the cleaners and shut you down!Hijo de putas!

      • Natalie Zutter

        Wait, why are you attacking Teresa? Isn’t it us you hate? And dude, if I got close enough to hang out with Rob Pattinson at the cleaners, it’d be the highlight of my celebrity blogger career.

      • Irish Girl

        Wait, who is this “Rob” and what does he have to do with this article?

    • ss

      Natalie, people get angry for such stupid reasons! Lol Wow. I don’t understand, why an article like this, people take such offense too. And I’m a KS fan (a sane one). I think people take everything way too seriously. With reactions like that, it would almost seem as if you called KS a whore, or threatened her family in the article! Lmao. Calm down people.

      • Irish Girl

        It’s clear to me that the angry birds commenting here clearly lack comprehension of the phrase “tongue in cheek” or the word “satirical”. They’re actually taking the headline seriously.

      • Jenni

        It’s so cute that commenters do that! Am I right or am I trolling or am I right?

      • Irish Girl

        Maybe a little of both. But I won’t judge…

      • Natalie Zutter

        LOL @ “angry birds”

      • Zivkica

        It is serious!!!!!! Did you read the article?!?!? Teresa have a Twitter account and she have a followers!!!!!!!!! LOL hahahahahahahahaha :)))))))))))))))))))))))
        P.S. Sorry about my english

      • ss


    • lauralynn1121

      Where the HELL do they get this stuff? Kristen has no intention of leaving Hollywood anytime soon, so Teresa can find her own way into Hollywood all by her self, thank you very much! No one is going to get rid of Kristen Stewart that easily!!!!

      • Georgia7

        Ι completely agree with you! Kristen is one truly talented actress and is going to be in the forefront for many years to come! Nobody can replace her.

      • Dee

        I agree with you 100%. I think that this writer is ignorant and delusional in her premise that Kristen has “detonated her career” and wants to quit being an actor.

      • Aitch Slavic

        You didn’t read the article here on Crushable?

    • Lena

      I’m pretty convinced that this whole thing was a PR stunt to get her
      back to more independent films. If she started solely doing small,
      independent films before the scandal, there would be the perception that
      she “failed” at becoming a movie star and that she was reduced to small
      roles….even if she did it by choice. Well, now if she does those
      small films..the perception is that that the studios won’t want to take a
      risk on her because a large portion of women won’t want a see a movie
      with a woman who “cheated” on RPattz (who many fans/people seem to have
      turned into a dude who can do wrong/real life Edward), that the studios
      are sexist (so many men have done far worse, but still have careers),
      etc. I don’t even know if I buy that she really was in a relationship with RPattz or what, but this is the vibe I’m getting.

      follow several prominent film critics’ blogs and twitter. A common
      theme among them is that she is excellent in the indie films and just
      meh in the more mainstream films. Some of them have said those films
      (where she always plays a damsel in distress) gives the general public
      the false impression that she doesn’t have a lot of range, and that she
      just isn’t that great at playing a damsel in distress in the first
      place. When the escandalo happened, many of them jumped to her defense
      with stuff like “it’s her business, that kind of shit happens all the
      time in Hollywood, blah blah blah”. Most of them retweeted that Jodie
      Foster article or retweeted that HuffingtonPost article. Hell, one of the dudes from HitFix even compared her to Anna Karenina. Anyway, I can definitely see her angle for pulling this stunt.

      • Aitch Slavic

        I think it would be great if KStew pulls a Shia LaBouef, Don’t know if she would be the type to “announce” it as Shia has done, but in essence do the same thing.

      • Guest

        What did Shia LaBouef do?

      • Aitch Slavic

        He formally announced his plans to not take any parts in Mainstream or Blockbuster Hollywood films.
        So I am so interested to see if that happens….

    • photoshopped pr

      And the witch hunt marches on . . .

    • JanieKat

      Doesn’t look like Kristen Stewart. Also too old to take Kristen’s place but could still get good parts that would match her level of acting.

    • Peony

      Cant you just leave Kristen alone, give us and yourselves some breathing space.Why are you still raking up things people would like to forget and move on.You are no better than all the PR agents /Production Houses who have used Kristen for publicity.You want to squeeze out publicity for every Teresa/Diana or Harriet still using Kristen Stewart.Do me a favour,give Kristen Stewart a break,let her get on with her life without people like you and me obsessing over her.

    • Pat

      She doesn’t look anything like Kristen Stewart to me. Kristen has that tom boy/sexy natural unique look to her. This girl looks like all the other HW actors I have seen. I don’t know who wrote this but I think she needs to earn her name in HW just like Kristen did through hard work and dedication to her craft instead of using someone else’s hard work as her stepping stones to fame. Kristen Stewart is not dead in the water as far as her career goes or her reputation to me. Anyone with any brains can see how quickly the trash talking stopped when that video came out and those pictures are photoshopped.

      • Aitch Slavic

        Unfortunately, trash talking didn’t stop, and now it is on another upswing, due to reconciliation headlines.

    • Miriam Webb

      If anyone thinks this Teresa person looks anything like Kristen than i think they need glasses.No one will replace Kristen for me.There is only one i want to see her act in movies.Not someone who wants to try to get by because they think they look like her.But i dont think this Teresa person looks anything like her.

    • Joe

      There is real, relevant shit you people should be doing.

      • Jenni

        I’m going to need a few more details before you convince me.

    • Momo

      I have not seen much of Palmer’s acting chops but I think she is far better looking – she reminds me more of a young Charlize Theron. Kristen Stewart to me is a bore – her acting is flat and quite horrible.

    • fernnychan

      First I thought that Teresa was really Kristen but her eyes are blue so I figured that is not her (and the part that Teresa can express more feelings on her face than Kristen is another reason to point out) I won’t be surprise if Kristen got replaced by Teresa! Teresa can act better and she never steals other people husband :P Anyways I might be wrong let us just wait and see what’s gonna happen. But if I was a director of a movie and if I have to choose over Kristen and Teresa, of course I would go for Teresa :D

    • Zoey

      I looove Teresa Palmer more than Kristen HAHAHA so sorry, but Teresa is really talented and much more “emotion-ful” than KStew. And one more thing, she doesn’t mumble her scripts hehe :>

    • Chris

      Whaaaat? First they look NOTHING alike!!! And secondly is Teresa Palmer the girl who plays at the new series The 100?? Or else I don’t know her… She for sure can’t replace Kristen Stewart any time soon or in the future..