Divas On Other Divas: Lady Gaga Tweets Backhanded Compliment At Christina Aguilera

It’s hard for a diva to talk about another diva and not sound at least a little bit mean. Even compliments can come off somewhat backhanded; their subconscious diva-ness comes out and they just can’t help it. Such is the case with Lady Gaga‘s tweet at Christina Aguilera from earlier today, which was ostensibly a compliment but also threw some serious shade her way:

Translation: “You were terrible before when you were totally ripping me off, but “Your Body” represents a major improvement/retreat to your own turf. Good job, little Christina! You get a cookie. Or maybe you should stick to celery.”

Her reference to “the old Christina” echoes comments made by Akon (who discovered, and is currently making money off of, Gaga) to VIBE Magazine back in 2010:

“I miss the old Christina Aguilera. I like the old one better than the new one. Honestly, Gaga and Christina could probably get together and do something that’s amazing. But that’s impossible if they are both trying to do the same exact thing musically … I just think [Aguilera] just needs to believe in herself more. I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the success Gaga has had not realizing that she was already successful before Gaga came out.”

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say that “the old Christina” is a euphemism for “the Christina that does not so closely resemble Lady Gaga.” Perhaps fearing backlash for the remark, Gaga has since deleted the tweet from her feed.

As shady as all of this is, I doubt Christina is sitting at home crying about it, because she just got a nice hat tip from The New York Times for singlehandedly innovating talent reality shows’ current model of “current hit makers mentor aspiring young singers.” Good for her.

(Via VH1)

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    • Hayden T

      Well, seeing how it was Christina’s comment about how she didn’t know Gaga and ‘wasn’t that some kind of man?’ that brought Gaga to my attention in the first place (in response to a question about how she possibly ganked Gaga’s hairstyle), this seems waaay classier and definitely honest.

    • Renan Souza

      I don’t even like Christina that much, but Lady Gaga has got to get over herself. You’re not that hot anymore Gaga.

    • http://twitter.com/eurocunt euro cunt

      she didn’t say she was SOME KIND OF MAN, she said she didn’t know if lady gaga was male or female. which, at the beginning of her career, no one did. it was a rumor but one nonetheless, lady gaga had that entire NO BULLYING campaign and that’s why she throws shade around the way she does… backhandedly. she really DOES need to get over herself, she’s a very hateful, cultural appropriating bitch who thinks its fashion to wear a sheer burka to fashion week. goodbye.