Latest Episode Of Gallery Girls Proves Wolves Raised Chantal Chadwick

Despite Chantal taking a stand against Claudia’s attempt to make money for their shared business, she loses the battle and agrees to do the pop-up.  However, she doesn’t agree to it gracefully and instead says, “It’s not the vacation we aimed for since we’re doing this pop-up, but I’m going to put on a brave face and blame Claudia when this all fails.”

As usual her mature attitude knows no bounds. She’s a team player. If teams were defined as one person who’s only out for herself.

Unlike Amy, who’s actually such a team player that she forgets to put herself in the game. Yes, it’s true. Sometimes she tries so hard to be there for other people, she forgets to be there for herself — making her a prime candiate to be taken advantage of by the End of Century girls.

For some zany (scripted) reason, Amy decides to prove herself to the art world by helping Chantal and Claudia set up their pop-up shop in Miami. Since she grew up there, she has tons of great connections and just knows she can make this happen. But an impromptu pop-up shop isn’t all she offers. She also offers to be their very bestest friend in the world and makes her case by feeding them breakfast in her ginormous Miami mansion.

While Claudia and Angela pretend to enjoy their FREE breakfasts provided by their new free pop-up shop consultant, Chantal loudly proclaims, “I need a real coffee, this is like Folgers.” And then follows that up with the requisite evil giggle, “I need to learn manners.”

While I’d normally think this was her way of being cute, I now see everything differently. I mean, the girl was raised by wolves. We should be happy she even knows that manners exist.

Or I guess what I should say is that you can understand Chantal Chadwick and her peculiar behavior a lot easier if you pretend this show is her first attempt at interacting with humans. It helps you sympathize with her a little bit more. Or at least makes you want to punch the TV a little bit less.

(Photos: Bravo)

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    • carmen mateo

      Chantal being raised by wolves,
      is the most accurate description I have seen for a TV character in a long time.
      I will miss the upcoming episode of ‘Gallery Girls,’ because of my long work
      week at Dish. I find it hilarious that Amy was fired from an unpaid internship!
      My Hopper is set to record the upcoming drama, there’s a ton of recording space
      so I can watch all my favorite shows without taking up too much recording
      space. Hopefully Amy will find that job, so she can prove Sharon wrong ;).

    • Seiso

      Jenni Maier, I salute you! Your many descriptions of Chantal makes me laugh so hard!

      • Jenni

        Just writing down what I observe…and I’m watching the newest episode as we speak and observing the oddest things. Did Chantal just apologize?!?

    • Chantal

      I need reeeal coffee. This tastes liiiike folgers or somethinnnng.

      • Jenni

        I’m like so rude, I totally should get manners. (cue the creepy giggles)

    • CeeBee

      Wolves? Honey, she comes from PWT. Chantal (Her Diddy named her after a truck stop stripper) is a total poser playing at being an art aficiando and business woman. Run, Claudia Run!

    • Jess

      These girls are utterly immature, pretentious and pathetic. Chantal has zero class and zero talent, Angela is a trashy wannabe, Claudia is a hot mess who fell into the wrong crowd, Amy is a lush who can’t hold her liquor, Liz is a bratty little rich girl and former addict leaning on daddy’s connections. The only halfway real/normal girls are Kerri and Maggie. What an awful show. Please Bravo, these immature poser primadonnas with no souls or substance do not belong on te air. Do not bring this back for another season!

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