The Best Interview To Come Out Of TIFF Is The One Where Chris Evans Acts Like A Dick

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Chris Evans is starting to make a name for himself for being incredibly candid in interviews and yet still coming across as charming. It’s probably due in part to the fact that he is just the perfect Captain America, but he doesn’t hesitate to explain how terrified he was to make this career-defining choice and lock himself into an iconic character for half a decade. The other fascinating part of his interviews is how easily he’ll acknowledge all the bullshit of his job—having to promote a shitty movie, or, even if he’s proud of his work, the requirement to be “on” 24/7 for events like the Toronto International Film Festival this past week.

Yesterday, HuffPo’s Mike Ryan published what I would call the best interview of the festival, and certainly one of Chris’ better profiles. Rather than copy down the same tired sound bite about Chris’ new movie The Iceman – in which he plays a serial killer called Mr. Freeze who murdered people in his ice cream truck — that will appear on fifteen other websites, Ryan engaged the actor in conversation about how he was actually feeling at the moment. Which was utterly exhausted by the festival. It helped that the two had met before when Chris was promoting his film Puncture, one of his many indies that got overlooked in place of mainstream fare like Fantastic Four and What’s Your Number?

You know it’s not going to be a typical interview when Chris, coming off a trying photo shoot, is drinking a Stella and the two guys just start shooting the shit because both are too tired to muster up the fake energy to be all, “So, tell me about The Iceman!” The whole interview is worth a read for the flow, but I’ve picked out a middle part that accurately sums up the mood of the conversation.

This is actually my last interview of this whole festival.
Is it? Man, it’s your last interview? Fuck you. I wish this was my last interview.

I’ve been doing this since Thursday, just nonstop. Like, four of these a day.
Wait, excuse me? You say four a day? Come on, dude.

You just flipped me off.
I did, dude. Yes, [speaks into the microphone] I fucking gave him the bird because this is, like, 45 today. I mean, literally. This was all day. Four a day? I’ll take four a day. Four a day? Oh, that’s a good gig.

Other than this one, I have to be prepared.
Yeah, that’s true. You have to ask the questions.

You can say anything you want. I can’t flip you off, but you flipped me off.
No. So help me God, I’ll put this recorder through the wall. Can you imagine?

You can drink beer during your interview.
True. Well, I really can’t, but I’m doing it anyway. Because this is interview number 45 and, after 45 interviews, you get a beer. It’s good. And I don’t have to think. They just bring me places.

And people like you.
Do they?

I get looked at like, “What’s this guy’s angle?” But on your side you get to drink beer and laugh. Who wouldn’t want to interview you?
[Laughs] This is my favorite interview today.

I’m so charmed by these guys’ candor, especially since as a reporter I’ve had a small taste of that exasperation. There are roundtables where it feels like both actors and writers are doing the bullshit dance and you all know that you’re not saying anything of consequence that will make your time at the press day worthwhile. But here, Chris has earned himself new fans fascinated in getting an insider’s look into the Hollywood lifestyle. And all he had to do was be himself.

Chris Evans TIFF interview dick flip off beer candid honest Hollywood Captain America The Iceman Chris Evans gifs

Chris Evans TIFF interview dick flip off beer candid honest Hollywood Captain America The Iceman Chris Evans gifs

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Seriously, Chris, never change.


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