So The People On Breaking Amish Might Not Be As Amish As They Say, They Might Not Even Be Good Actors

Earlier this week I watched Breaking Amish because I have a sick obsession with seeing just how much TLC can exploit people for a reality show. But rather than feel bad for the Amish featured on the show, I found it to be incredibly scripted. Almost as if the people on the show weren’t exactly being honest about their current circumstances.

Then I started hearing from others that some of the people featured on the show allegedly left their Amish and Mennonite roots a long time before the show would have you believe. That by the time they put on their Amish clothes, it was more like putting on a costume — rather than a daily routine.

That the reason they remained so emotionless when talking about leaving their families forever and getting shunned was because it happened a long time before TLC rolled up with their cameras.

Of course this is all speculation based on a Facebook group called “Breaking Amish The Truth”  and a scandalous link that got sent to me in the comment section of our Breaking Amish recap. So bear in mind that this is all alleged information. Or I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t quote me on this. (Unless you’re The New York Times, then quote away!)

But do follow me down the dark and twisted path of rumors and Amish rebels.

So apparently the same Sabrina we saw sadly feeding chickens in the first episode left the Mennonite life a while before the show started filming. Here she is pictured with some guy named Harry Kreiser. According to my savvy Facebook skills, his profile got deleted since this screenshot got taken. Poor Harry. He’s currently Facebook-less. How will we ever poke him now?

Another fun and unsubstantiated fact? According to the people who are running the Facebook page, she got married in 2009. But the link they include to her marriage license no longer works…whether it ever worked, we’ll never know. But comments are showing up on other sites about Sabrina misleading us about her Mennonite past and when exactly she left her family.

But enough about Sabrina. It’s time to talk about Abe. And the baby he’s holding in this photo. Is this his baby? Who is Rebecca? So many questions, so few answers.

Finally we get to Jeremiah Raber. A man who apparently got married in 2005 and divorced in 2011. And I think it’s fair to say that his story on Breaking Amish isn’t exactly truthful about his 6 year marriage. Just a minor detail that he forgot to mention during the introductory episode. And luckily for us, court documents do exist with this information. (Of course we’re assuming there that there’s only one Jeremiah Raber in the world.)

So yeah. Turns out that Breaking Amish might be just as scripted as we originally thought. I just hope the writers made this first season extra juicy. I’m going to need something to fill the void that Dance Moms leaves in my life. Because TV law states you can’t stop watching an incredibly scripted reality show without replacing it with another.

God bless America.

(Lead Photo:  TLC)

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    • Lacy

      I caught this show right at the tail end and I immediately felt like it was bullshit. What tipped me off was the scene where one of the girls was trying to follow her grandpa to talk to him. He wouldn’t let her in the house, then they cut to shots of her family closing up the house. Then they cut to a dramatic shot of her standing outside the door…from inside the house. So guy who previously refused to be on camera, drew his shades, and turned his own grand daughter away is letting the camera crew inside his home for a quick drama shot? I don’t buy it.

    • Janet

      wait, that girl with abe was on the show…they both are from PA, right? If I remember right, her name was Rebecca and the previews show them kissing.

    • Janet

      wait, that girl with abe was on the show…they both are from PA, right? If I remember right, her name was Rebecca and the previews show them kissing.

    • Janet

      wait, that girl with abe was on the show…they both are from PA, right? If I remember right, her name was Rebecca and the previews show them kissing.

    • hihihi

      rebecca the girl abe is with is one of the girls featured on the show

      • Jenni

        That’s what I’m realizing now. I didn’t recognize her in that photo. So either they had a child together — or they’re just holding up a baby.

      • roseyoungstewart

        not their own baby. if it was, (and its not) there would be no need to blur the babys face.

    • Morla

      Fake show very staged the door you refer to is th eone where she cooked for her cousoins not even the same door. I think they went to the house and staged a lot GDad showed up and got mad notice they didnt include the whole conversation? Much of it is very staged and the cast are way too worldly in their manner to be fresh from the farm!
      Just another show trying to make momney on the Amish

      • roseyoungstewart

        there is an edit button you can click even after it is posted it will correct any mispellings.

      • kbraff

        Spelling police!

      • roseyoungstewart

        So big deal. If you see someone stealing in a store do you tell someone? of course. If you see a kid getting whacked by a grown up don’t you interfere? ok .. If you see someone talking on a cell phone and go through traffic as if he owned the street don’t you call the police? of course. If you see an article of clothing and it is priced and then see it in a different price same store don’t you squawk about it? ok so no such thing as spelling police.. If a person is doing something wrong, it is ok to tell them. Otherwise, they will go through life making the same mistake over and over and soon it’s no longer a mistake It becomes a bad habit.

      • kbraff

        And if someone is being a bitch, it’s ok to tell them.Otherwise, they will go through life making the same mistake over and over and soon it’s no longer a mistake, it becomes a bad habit.

      • roseyoungstewart

        Exactly! But I wouldn’t wait too long to say “hey you’re one crabby bitch arent you? why is that? are you constipated? are you suffereing from Hemmorhoids or are you suffering from lakanookie?”Aas for you, personally, i’d like to think yours is a case of inability to take constructive criticism .If your kid picks his/her nose and eats it do you wait ten years before you teach him the right way to get rid of it? As for me, i’d would say i think being honest is always good, rather than put things off for years. Just get it over with now.

      • kbraff

        Well in that case, “hey you’re one crabby bitch aren’t you? why is that? are you constipated? are you suffering from hemorrhoids or are you suffering from lackanookie?”

        Also…there is an edit button you can click even after it is posted it will correct any misspellings.

      • roseyoungstewart

        monkey see, monkey do.

      • kbraff

        Oh please. Just stop.

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    • Laura Griffin

      Having grown up around Amish and Mennonite my whole life, I can tell you this show is BS!!! I was suspicious during the first show, but after watching PART of the second show, I know for certain now that this is completely fake, fake, fake.

      First of all, not one of them have the Pennsylvania/Dutch accent. Not even a hint of a German accent. If they’ve been isolated on a farm their whole lives, their accent would be quite strong and obvious.

      Key phoney words: “Dude” “Chicks” “Skank” “Hot” “Heck” “Totally cool” “Awesome” “I wonder if that’s a famous person?” (How would she know anything about who’s famous?), “Weird” “You gotta be kidding me” “Check it out” “They’ll do anything to get a piece o’ ya.” “Whoa, not happening.” “Frickin” “Pissed me off” “Kiss my ass” FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE

      Shame on TLC! How far they have sunk from a once respectable network.

      • roseyoungstewart

        Definitely fake, fake, fake as Elaine on Seinfeld put it …fake, fake, fake!.

    • Christine

      also in the photo of Rebecca and Abe… her teeth are normal teeth!? no dentures!?

      • KYMama

        I noticed that too!

      • utera

        doesn’t make sense. she got her teeth pulled while still amish one would assume. either its someone elses kid or something doesn’t add up…because at some point she had to have some amish dentistry, that part cannot be denied.

      • roseyoungstewart

        no such a thing Amish do not go beyond 10th grade there is no need to … their lives will not be based on a college education there are no Amish professionals such as doctors nurses, dentists, lawyers. judges get my drift?

      • roseyoungstewart

        are you referring to the teeth with wide open spaces?

      • roseyoungstewart

        maybe her parents let her go to bed with a bottle of milk in her mouth.the lactose made the teeth rotten.Maybe her mother never cleaned the babies mouth out after she ate and let her go to bed with smeared food inside her mouth and it rotted her teeth.

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    • Woodie

      Rebecca and Abe are or was Amish. I was what they called a Amish Taxi Driver and I transported both of them at one time or another. However, neither of them was considered Amish about two years before Breaking Amish aired

      • roseyoungstewart

        riiiiight and i was once married to the Pope and you know what else? We had quintuplets all named Father. some people expect other people to believe anything. Those who will believe anything are stupid with out any brain in their tiny skull.

      • roseyoungstewart

        totally ridiculous Amish taxi driver! to me that is like saying you are an Amish air line pilot..Mennonite sometimes drive a car but Amish absolutely NEVER drive thye do take trrains or have someone drive them but it is not an Amish person who drives them. I have a strong feeling you have suffered severe brain shrinkage.

      • Jammie Milliron-Keller

        It is true that there are Amish Taxi’s. My ex husband’s brother was an Amish taxi driver for Adam and his family from Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. He had a truck and they would put a large tank for fuel in the bed to run their equipment. Yes I am speaking of the modern Amish. Adam did go to jail while he was their driver and if you look up the records for Jefferson County Pa, you should find this information. I myself was raised Mennonite in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch County and also knew several Amish men and women. Very few in that area had vehicles and drove horse and buggy to go about their daily lives. So it really just depends on the locations and how formal in their beliefs that they are. As to the Pennsylvania Dutch Accent, not all Amish had one. Mostly the older generations from my experience had them actually. Again, it just depends on the area and how many English speaking Amish their are as to whether or not their offspring carried on the accent. Hope this clears up and of your questions.

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    • mandarin334

      looks like more people are coming forward at this web site….

    • roseyoungstewart

      No Amish or Mennonite woman would ever, ever wear a pink or orange dress. It must be Plain get it? Not a plain dress but they must appear as plain over all, not to attract attention.You can see the plainess as you drive through their communities & the wash hangin on a clothesline will tell you what they wear dark colors.. black, navy blue dark green, gray& brown. thats all. Maybe you are confusing those odd people who live in the deserts of the southwestern United States their kids are products of old men who they marry or Warren Jeffs ,,, daddy of the entire clan. Mormons.

      • Shaff

        The Amish typically don’t wear bright colors, this is true. However, there are sects of both Amish and Mennonite communities that allow for bright, solid colors. It depends upon how strong and rigid the belief system is. I lived in central PA most of my life and saw many Amish and Mennonites wearing non-plain colors. I used to go to the Mennonite farm near my house and pick strawberries with my mom when I was little.

        I suggest you use the internet and research your opinions before trying to post them as fact.

      • Design Siemens

        Many of the Mennonites are indistinguishable from “the English” in their appearance. Pink and orange are just fine. I should know since I went to a Mennonite church for for 15 years.

        There are different Mennonites, though, and some of them would never dress this way. But some would.

    • Colene Draper Anderson

      I grew up around amish as well and I noticed they didn’t have the amish accent. Also none have a “amish look” real amish cut their hair the same as well and the married men have beards….there is alot to the show that is so far fetched and not true…Funny they said they were adopted trying to cover some of their grounds…