In Honor Of Alison Pill’s Nip Slip, Let’s Talk About Our Obsession With Celebrity Nipples

So yesterday The Newsroom actress Alison Pill accidentally posted a photo of her boobs to Twitter. How these things accidentally happen, I will never understand. But it did happen. And holy areola, she had two nipples. Not one, not three, but TWO!

Naturally the Internet went wild. Our post on the incideny quickly surpassed every other post we did yesterday and will likely remain the number one most-clicked post on our site for at least the next 24 hours. Unless something even crazier happens, like Jennifer Lawrence releases a sex tape featuring the entire cast and crew of The Hunger Games having sex in Hogwarts.

And let it be said that this news broke on the same day that Emma Watson slipped us a nip at The Perks of Being a Wallflower premiere. So needless to say that the internet threw itself a spontaneous and impromptu nipple-palooza yesterday. It was like going to grab a cup of coffee and find out that Starbucks turned itself into an open bar with unlimited drinks and phenomenal appetizers.

But why?

Not why do we post nipple photos because that answer’s obvious — we l-o-v-e them. But why do we love them? Boobs are fun and cleavage is cool, however they don’t get us as excited as nipples. That’s clinically proven and 4 out of 5 dentists agree.

What is it about celebrity nip slips that make us so happy? Is it seeing the celebrities have nipples too? Because spoiler alert, all celebs come with nipples. If you’re wondering if you’re the only oddball with two, you’re not. Chances are high that all your favorite celebrities have two nipples!

So let’s discuss guys! Tell me why YOU feel compelled to stare at celebrity nipples.


To inspire your thoughts, I present you with this! In exchange I expect wonderful comments below.

(Images: The Bad Panda)

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