Rachael Leigh Cook & Chad Michael Murray Prove They’re Good Actors By Making Me Nauseous In This Video

Just yesterday I was wondering where our girl next door Rachael Leigh Cook has been since She’s All That (not really, but let’s pretend). Turns out she’s been playing tonsil hockey with One Tree Hill alum Chad Michael Murray! Well, at least she is in their new Funny Or Die video. What’s surprising is that I feel this is their best work to date.

Funny Or Die presents the two as they finish up their first date, and it looks like a scene right out of One Tree Hill. The video takes a disturbing turn as the pair engage in a seemingly never-ending make-out sesh–successfully poking fun at “that couple” we all know and hate…the kind that can’t keep their hands off each other. I’m pretty sure no breathing was involved in the making of this video, and that’s not even the most impressive thing.

Rachael Leigh Cook and Chad Michael Murray’s superb acting skills really shine when they continue to suck face as they share a peanut butter sandwich. Seriously. I’m very impressed by their ability to not throw up on each other, because I was pretty close myself. Also, they break a bunch of shit (including a wall) while still managing to stay lip-locked. If that doesn’t show dedication to their craft, I don’t know what does.

So, even though I almost threw up my breakfast, I applaud you Chad Michael Murray and Rachael Leigh Cook. Not only do you both successfully portray “that couple,” but you do it all with completely straight faces and impeccable gag reflexes.I see awards in your near future.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1041690054 Natalie Zutter

      The part where he pulls off the single sheet of paper towel? Amazing.

    • Stephie

      Rachael Leigh stars in the new TNT show PERCEPTION with Eric McCormick which just got picked up for a second season. It’s really a good show.