Emma Watson Has Her First Nip Slip…Could She Be The Classy Version Of Miley?

Why hello there, all you perverts who are constantly Googling “pictures of Emma Watson.” Don’t try to hide. I can sense your clammy presence before I even look at Google AdWords. Today is a great day for you, for should you Google “pictures of Emma Watson” once again, your intrepid quest shall finally reveal that holiest of holy grails, a sexxxy Emma Watson nip slip.

Or at least the closest thing to an Emma Watson nip slip we’ve seen so far. Last night on the red carpet for her new movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Hermione Granger wore a gorgeous gown that probably could have used some adhesive help negotiating the delicate line between tasteful sideboob and oopsie nip slip. Inevitably, an oopsie occurred, and many photographs were taken. Her nipple was covered with a painful-looking sticker, but she still looked embarrassed. (As one should be.)

Of course, any time you speak the word “sideboob” three times, Miley Cyrus pops up like Beetlejuice, which begs the question: is Emma Watson the celebrity Miley Cyrus wishes she could be? She gets just as much coverage as Miley, but it’s overwhelmingly positive, partly because she’s good at her job but also partly because she never seems like she’s seeking it out. When she chopped off all her hair, she said she did it for the simple reason that she liked it that way, and we believed her. When she errs on the side of too much sideboob, we believe it was an accident. Perhaps most importantly, her Twitter feed is not an endless stream of desperate, hater-baiting, TMI, but tasteful promotion of her projects (as opposed to herself), mixed in with charming observations like “Peeling PVA glue off your fingers – priceless. #bestthingsinlifearefree” I think young Miley could stand to take a few cues from this one.

(Via CelebrityFix)

Photo: WENN

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