It’s So Cute That Kendall Jenner Thinks She’s Better Than Her Kardashian Family Members

Our favorite underage model Kendall Jenner stars in a new photoshoot for Genlux Magazine where she proudly declares she’s not a Kardashian. No seriously, the quote on the Genlux cover reads, “I’m Kendall. Kendall Jenner. I Am Not a Kardashian.” You know, in italics, to really drive the point home that she’s nothing like her three older half-sisters.

Except for the fact, she’s exactly like her half-sisters. She wants to be famous and therefore she feeds off the family fame to benefit her own modeling career.

Being a Kardashain isn’t about your last name, it’s about your willingness to sell your soul and sacrifice your dignity to make money. It’s more of a lifestyle choice than a genetic relationship and really anyone can be a Kardashian. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say anyone who’s ever bought Sketcher’s Shape-Ups after seeing Kim Kardashian promote them is a Kardashian. Embracing an unlikely dream against all odds makes you a Kardashain – whether that’s releasing a sex tape into the public or believing rocking-chair shoes can help you get in shape.  It’s all about going for it, no matter how silly (or naked) you look.

So while she may not be biologically a Kardashian, she’s certainly grown up like one. Kris Jenner always treated all her daughters the same when it comes to parenting, regardless of their (sometimes questionable) paternity. She looked at the them all in the same loving way that every mother looks at her personal banking accounts, with love in her eyes and a dark hole in the place where a parenting gene typically resides.

While Genlux Magazine sounds like a generic magazine created solely for a movie plot, it’s actually a luxury magazine devoted to fashion and beauty. Think American Girl Magazine meets MTV Cribs meets Gwyneth Paltrow’s diary.

When was the last time a random model in a random magazine got featured so prominently in the mainstream? Um, try never. But because Kendall Jenner’s a Kardashian, she gets to have her modeling career highlighted in major outlets. That’s awesome for Kendall’s modeling career. But it also makes her a Kardashian — and if she wants to keep these covers coming, she best start understanding that.

After all, if we’ve learned anything from reality TV, it’s that Kardashains get famous. Jenners just get pierced ears and botox.

(Photo: Lazygirls)

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    • Jon

      i actually like her. she’s still grating, mind you, but a lot less so than her siblings. she’s also infinitely more attractive.

      • Jenni

        Oh she’s a very pretty girl! No doubt about it. I just think she was raised with Kardashians and there’s no way that hasn’t rubbed off.

    • Flossy

      To be fair she’s making her own way and own mark in the world she didn’t make a sex tape, she hasn’t married a basketball player and she isn’t working in retail, I don’t blame her for wanting to separate herself from the Kourtney, Kim and Khloe so good luck to her I’ve always found her and Kylie to be very likeable.

      • anya

        while I admit she is much more likeable than the other three, she isn’t making her own way at all. her mother/manager is using their last name to book all theses gigs, she’s an extension of the kardashian brand. If she were able to land something without her mother’s help and her last name, then that would be impressive. She’s immensly benefitting from those mentioned actions (sex tape, etc). Are you saying your proud of a 16 year old girl because she hasn’t made a sex tape or gotten married? Also, all of the siblings have modelled, so it isn’t something new to the family at all

      • via

        Well I thinks it’s going to be quite impossible for her to separate herself from her family. What do you want her to do? Change her name, move overseas, get plastic surgery and then try to model? would that be more impressive? It’s not her fault she was born into her family. Nothing she can do about it.

    • A.J.

      She may not “be” a Kardashian, but she’s definitely profiting off of the fame and notoriety that the name has generated. I doubt very highly that she would have made it very far just based on being Bruce Jenner’s daughter. I wonder how her half-siblings feel about her saying that?

    • midgetporn

      that is a cra-zazy ‘shopped to hell foto ..
      she’s naturally pretty ..
      they really went to far ..
      eyes are twice their normal size ..
      neck , face all off ..
      where the hell do they get these morons …
      take an effen foto & leave it alone for chrissakes ..
      if it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lala

      UM. Have you seen the girls face and body? I’m pretty sure she could be successful model regardless of her last name. Give credit where its due..

    • cinderblocks

      Okay she isn’t a kardashian but why the fuck would they photoship the image SO much for her to resemble one? That isn’t how she looks at all, oh my god.