Get Out The Tea And Crumpets Because Kate Middleton Might Finally Be Knocked Up

In news straight from the hills of Heaven, we receive word that Kate Middleton might finally be pregnant. While it’s not confirmed yet by Maury Povich, word on the street is that Prince William IS the father.

According to our friends over at The Daily Beast, Kate Middleton started dropping huge hints about her potential child while out at dinner.

Kate Middleton has sparked a renewed bout of speculation that she may be pregnant when, during toasts at a state banquet in Singapore today, the future queen TWICE made toasts to the Queen by drinking water instead of wine.

Unless she’s a closet alcoholic who’s trying to get sober, all odds indicate she’s probably pregnant.

Which means we made a huge mistake.

I’m of course referring to the time we started a revolutionary war against Britain and fought for our independence. What were we thinking!?! Was the sugar tax really that bad. Is it worth it now? Is our independence really so important that we gave up our chance to include Kate Middleton’s unborn child among our brethren. Ugh, now I hate the Fourth of July and I hate our forefathers and I really hate George Washington’s powdered wig. It’s the worst.

However I suppose that I can put my anger aside to celebrate this potential child coming into the world. I already love it so much. And yet, I know I’ll love it even more once it’s born and we can see that it received Kate Middleton’s hairline and not Will’s.

Oh and also, we should say congrats Prince Harry! If rumors about your Vegas trip are to be believed, you  might be expecting a child or two (or a coke baggie or serious blackmail) as well!

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    • Barb Bach

      She doesn’t usually drink…her sister Pippa on the other hand…

      • Jenni

        But toasting with water in general is bad luck. Unless you’re pregnant, then it’s double good luck.

    • lizzy

      And I still feel bad about that lack of Prince Harry tape…all I can see in my mind is the video girl getting asked to “go for a ride” with the casino guys …kind of like this

      • Jenni

        Ha! Great video choice.

      • lizzy

        What a movie!

    • Amy

      Or she could just be tryyying to get pregnant. According to my ‘trying-to-get-knocked-up’ circle of friends, you must immediately stop drinking because “you may get pregnant at ANY MOMENT” and no one wants to risk having a vodka-induced 3 armed baby freak or some other such medical nonsense.

      • Jenni

        Did you know 97% of bloggers are born addicted to vodka-sodas because their parents refused to stop drinking. That’s just a fact.

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