Thanks To Cyber-Terrorists, Cyber-Stalking Emma Watson Just Got Even More Dangerous

Everyone who’s anyone loves Emma Watson. That’s just a fact. You can find it on’  Unfortunately for us, the cyber-terrorists know this — and they’re using it to their advantage.

McAfee, the virus scan people who freeze your computer every 6 minutes with a scan, released a report that Emma Watson is the most dangerous celebrity to search online. Not because you’ll instantly grow jealous of her beauty, talent and celebrity friends, but because 1 out of 8 Emma Watson searches will lead to a malicious site.

And not malicious like a “mean-spirited” site, but malicious like your computer will permanately shut down in approximately 10 minutes because it just got infected with the world’s worst virus — or it will keep your computer on, but just steal your entire identity.

So for people who spend their days googling Emma Watson, this could be devastating news. However, if you’re not a hardcore stalker and only a major fan then you should be okay. Just don’t click on anything that seems too good to be true.

Like “Emma Watson Will Come To Your House If You Give Us Your Address And Alarm Code And The Hours You Are Never Home.”

So to satiate your appetite for this dangerous celebrity, stay off of Google and Bing and Ask Jeeves and enjoy these GIFs instead.

(Photo/GIFS: Pacific Coast News/My Missguided Ghost/The Vamp Project/The Feels Goddess/Brightest Star of the Garage/b-r-i-n-e/May the Odds be ever in your favor)

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