Blake Lively Locks Down Ryan Reynolds In Secret Weekend Wedding

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds secret married Scarlett Johansson

Two young couples quietly got married this weekend, but while we’re excited for one (Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam), we’re not so sure that the other will work out. As you can tell from the photo, the more high-profile secret wedding this weekend was Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tying the knot—at least, according to the radio station 95sx Charleston and People.

95sx tweeted last night that Blake and Ryan said “I do” at the Boone Hall plantation in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and that Florence Welch (and maybe Bette Midler?) performed at the reception. Other outlets say that the couple planned this wedding in the last month, with Blake asking for time off from Gossip Girl only three weeks ago. Rumor has it Blake wore a Chanel gown and Ryan a Hugo Boss tux; the cake was driven over from Maryland; and maybe he gave her a Green Lantern ring? (No, the rings were apparently from celebrity jewelry Lorraine Schwartz.)

If this is true, it wouldn’t be totally out of left field since the co-stars have been dating for over a year and as of late have been acting very domestic. The only paparazzi shots of the two are them hanging out at his Boston home, or their newly-purchased Bedford, NY place. Aside from red carpet premieres and awards shows, we haven’t really seen them together or even had them confirm their relationship.

While congratulations are in order, I’m also a little wary. This will be Ryan’s second marriage, after he and Scarlett Johansson got divorced a few years ago. However, it’s pretty similar: Marry a young blonde after only a year of dating. Even though Ryan and Scarlett’s split was amicable, you’d think that he would’ve learned his lesson and given it a little more time before popping the question.

I also don’t want to be one of those petty bloggers, but I kind of get the feeling that — speaking of How I Met Your Mother – Blake is the reacher and Ryan is the settler in this relationship. So it makes sense that she’d be eager to lock down People‘s Sexiest Man 2010 sooner rather than later.

Then again, it’s their lives. We just get to comment on their secret wedding. So, mazel tov!

Photo: Spike TV

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    • Jenni

      It’s just weird to know that we’ll be writing about their divorce one day. You can’t say that about every couple.

    • Flossy

      I don’t want to piss on their parade and I am happy for them but the whole deja vu thing threw me threw a loop and I can’t help wondering if Ryan Reynolds has some kind of addiction to marrying young hot blonde actresses, but that’s just me being cynical I wish them both all the best I really do.

    • Lulu

      Not to jump on the negative bandwagon, but Ryan’s track record for hanging in there in relationships isn’t great, and he doesn’t seem to like to be alone, either. He got engaged to Alanis Morrissette after they’d dated for 2 years, and broke off their engagement 3 years later. Soon after this breakup he started dating Scarlett, they got engaged after dating for a year, got married 4 months later, then got divorced 2 years later. Three months after the divorce was finalized, it was announced that he was dating co-star Blake, they bought a house 8 months later, and got married 3 months after that. Hate to say it, but the outlook is pretty bleak.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I feel like attractiveness-wise, Ryan is the reacher and Blake is the settler…no?