Lifetime Movie A Killer Among Us Proves That If You’re A Teen And You Have Sex, Your Parent Will Be Murdered

Oh Lifetime movies. Forever scaring us into never having sex.

Their newest film, A Killer Among Us, starring Tess Atkins, Tom Cavanagh and Boris Kodjoe, revolves around a murder which occurs the morning after the victim’s daughter loses her virginity. For the entire movie, even after they solved the mystery, I couldn’t shake the theory that Alex’s (Atkins) mother was murdered to punish Alex for having sex.

It seems that Lifetime operates under the same school of thought as the TV show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which has, on more than one occasion, linked teenage sex to horrible consequences like expulsion from school and parental death. I have therefore come to the conclusion that Lifetime and ABC Family are working together to promote teen abstinence by scaring kids’ pants shut.

Alex perfectly fits the Lifetime teen girl archetype. She’s the smartest student in Advanced Placement World Literature (a course which does not officially exist by that title, adhering to Lifetime’s strict “no facts” policy). She’s also kind of naive but refreshingly spunky. And her life is ruined by sex.

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    • Kacie

      I took AP World Literature senior year…

    • the kimberly diaries

      Lifetime’s strict “no facts” policy”


    • 2jazzyj

      How ignorant is this author of this article? The opening scene was her mom being killed, not of sex. The whole movie was not about teen sex and a parent being killed because of it. Did you even watch it or have a friend just give you some quotes? You’ve just been busted by another poster that AP World Lit. DOES exist. Also, it is based on a true story.. how much? Who knows…

      • 2jazzyj

        Trying to edit, my DVR cut off after a few mins, picked back up as I missed the sex issue, discussion with her mom.. lol

      • June Spring

        Yes, I was a little annoyed with the author as well.

    • Franco

      This movie wasn’t about a girl losing her virginity. It was about a teen trying to help a detective find her mother’s murderer.

    • sunshine

      The mother’s murder has nothing to do with her daughter’s sex life. The mother was killed because she asked for a divorce.

    • Lance Teichelman

      It was more about how evil, stupid and lazy white men are, and how hunky black men are the only ones who can save the day for pretty white women. All the other cops…mostly white males, were all lazy, stupid, and suspicious. they quickly gave up on solving the murder and all they wanted to do was nail the black detective for not being like them and giving up on the case, and they ended up nailing him in the end for ‘going outside of the line” and not one of them gave him any credit for solving the murder. Instead, the convicted him. Stupid white males.

    • Lea

      Lmao omg horrible article! Thats deff what the movie isnt about!

    • Guest

      The movie did have qa few kinks here and there but definitely not as bad as the author claims. Actually, Lance Teichelman kind of nailed it! I think what he said was more accurate than the author, who happens to be a recent college grad.

    • June Spring

      Not a bad movie, a few quirky moments but definitely not like the author states. I think Lance Teichelman nailed it though. Heard it was based on a true story.