Fox’s Megyn Kelly Calls Jason Biggs ‘A Disgusting Pig’ For His Jokes About Republican Candidates’ Wives’ Assholes

Jason Biggs has landed himself in a bit of faux-controversy after tweeting some tasteless (but funny!) jokes about the assholes of Janna Ryan and Ann Romney. Specifically: their respective condition.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly (who is notorious for believing in feminism only when it benefits her/conservatives) took to TV to discuss Biggs’ comments, which she deemed “too disgusting to repeat on television” and “the most disgusting thing I’ve read in a long time.” She must never go on the internet, because I’ve already read ten more disgusting things today, and I haven’t even had my coffee yet! The offending comments:

While admittedly vulgar, the first one is funny because it’s patently absurd to picture Jason Biggs sticking his pinky in Paul Ryan‘s wife’s asshole, which, btw, I can totally see her bleaching. The second one is funny because Ann Romney is so prim and proper that it’s pretty LOL to imagine her having a hairy anus. And seeing as everyone has an asshole and I can just as easily see someone making the same joke about an anal retentive man, I don’t really find it sexist.

But that didn’t stop Megyn Kelly from calling it “one of the ugliest attacks on political spouses we’ve seen in years” and bringing on Sam Bennett, president of the She Should Run Foundation (which promotes female candidates for office), to talk about how this kind of thing is “electorally deadly” for women. That’s right: every time a comedian makes a joke about a candidates’ wife’s anus, a woman gets denied the chance to run for office.

“His career is dependent on people not getting pissed off at him,” said Bennett, by way of explaining why Biggs should care if people are offended by his Twitter jokes. Um, actually, his career is dependent on his willingness to stick his penis in a pie, and while it was probably a mistake for Nickelodeon to link to his very adult Twitter feed, I fail to see how it “hurts women” for a comedian to make an observational joke that has nothing to do with claiming ownership over women’s bodies and everything to do with poking fun at public personas. (Which, last I checked, was fair game for a comedian to do.) And there’s no comparing this harmless jibe with the sincere (and racist!) lies circulated about Michelle Obama by her husband’s conservative opponents.

You know what does “hurt women,” though? Mounting student debt, a shrinking middle class, inadequate access to healthcare, restrictions on our right to decide for ourselves whether or not to have a baby, the breaking of unions, and pretty much everything the republican party stands for. As a feminist, I refuse to be distracted from these issues by some silly shit the guy from American Pie posted on Twitter.

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    • LaLa

      I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you. I’m definitely no conservative, but I think this was really disgusting. I like dirty jokes and all, but this was just mean and rude. If he had said the same thing about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton you would be ranting about misogyny and racism. And it’s even worse to me because these aren’t candidates that he’s talking about. These are just women who happen to be married to politically ambitious men. Their husbands action and beliefs don’t make it OK for them to be talked about this way. Like I said, this isn’t about politics (I’m a a die-hard liberal) but about being a human decency. It wasn’t OK for Sandra Fluke to be called a slut and it’s not OK for Ann Romney and Janna Ryan to be talked about like this either.

    • Dan

      Jason Biggs is a douchebag. I used to think he was funny now he’s just a jerk. And really? The GOP stands for “mounting student debt” and a “shrinking middle class”? What a pile of horseshit.

    • Carolina

      You are so wrong on this one, as LaLa correctly stated Rush Limbaugh was pilloried for calling a political activist a “slut” but it is fine with you if this D list actor sends out perverted tweets about 2 women who just happened to be married to politicians. what did they do to him to be treated so shabbily and then the fact that nickelodeon had a link to this perverts twitter account for children to see makes the whole thing Sanduskyish. And if the middle class is shrinking you might look to the current president on that one, Romney has done nothing to our economy. But hopefully he will fix it.

    • Jamie

      The author of this article must be Jamie Peckerhead

    • Truth Has No Agenda

      I wonder what this loon Jamie Peck would say if this pig Jason Biggs said the same things about Michelle Obama??? Would Jamie Peck be so quick to dismiss this? Some how I think Jamie Peck would want Jason Biggs head. This just proves liberals are hypocrites. Guess Jamie Peck hasn’t heard that the democrats are spewing War on Women!? But that is ok to attack conservative women just not liberal women.

      • jamiepeck

        I’m not a liberal.

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    • Daisy MJ

      You think Jason Biggs is funny? Well, you are a disgusting pig too. Pigs hang with pigs in their slop.

    • maureen

      You’re right, it’s not misogynist, because you could make the same joke about a man. It’s just immature, stupid, and not particularly funny unless you’re a 14 year old boy.

      Oh and if a conservative said this about Michelle Obama liberals would start crying about the “war of women” again, hah.

    • libbasher

      jason biggs is a libturd terd.

    • libbasher

      Miss Obama didn’t like my country before Obama ran for president, and she has proven it by flying all over the world on my dime, I wouldn’t say she is a pig but there it is!

    • Larry Shepherd

      I didn’t see that asshole Biggs or you laughing when someone tweeted to Biggs, I’ll rape your wife in front of you and your kids Biggs. What’s wrong Peck, not funny when it’s put on you? I see no difference anymore between the Nazi party and the Democrats.