Ryan Gosling Possibly, Maybe, Definitely, Cast As Christian Grey In Fifty Shades Of Grey

Another day, another completely unsubstantiated Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumor to spread about the interweb.

Despite the fact the producers told us that Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele wouldn’t be cast until they hired someone to write  and direct the actual movie, EL James‘ husband, Niall Leonard, told Now Daily that last he heard Ryan Gosling “was in the frame” to play the character.

Naturally everyone read this and assumed that Ryan Gosling got offered the role of Christian Grey and accepted the role of Christian Grey and would be spending the fall getting into character of Christian Grey by having BDSM sex with as many women as possible. In fact, millions of women already volunteered to assist him in this capacity.

While this would explain why Gosling got spotted on the NYC subway yesterday openly showing off his new nipple clamps and whips, it doesn’t explain why we’re all so obsessed with seeing the clean-cut Gosling play this role.

Every few weeks, this “Ryan Gosling would be the perfect Christian Grey” conversation pops up and I get so confused. Ryan Gosling’s the man you bring home to your parents. He’s the man who delivers babies in emergency situations because, of course, he took a baby delivery course in college. He’s the guy who wins your grandmother over at Thanksgiving dinner while simultaneously explaining to her why her jokes are racist.

I don’t think he’s the one who teaches you the meaning of submission through rough sex. That’s not the Ryan Gosling in my head.

But if that is the one in your head, congrats. There’s a 34% chance this rumor’s true. Now we just need Niall Leonard to let us know if it’s true that ALL the moms from Dance Moms will take turn playing Anastasia Steele.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

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    • S

      I love Ryan G. He would be PERFECT for CG. But the odds of him doing this movie….VERY unlikely. This is in fact Mr. Gosling, it might be a little “cheesy” in sense for him. The book itself is chessy, even with the BDSM aspect in it. IF the script is well written and actually good, and they gave the story more depth (as well as the characters) this movie could actually be good.Not cheesy and stupid. And if they got good actors, to play these parts. The character of CG is agood character, with all his demons and issues. More than likely, it won’t be what it could be though (the movie). There is alot of potential in this book, even though it is poorly written (imo).

      • S

        Damn…That is ALOT of ” if’s “. Lol

      • Jenni

        At the end of the day I don’t think he’d go for it either. Unless they turn the book’s plot into something deeper and churn out an amazing script that’s emotionally gripping and raw and Oscar-baity.

    • alex

      I think he’s perfect to play CG…CG is not only sex, he is a very complex character, he has 50 shades in his personality and has a very deep and dark emotional past who influence his present. Only a 5 stars actor could play that role and I think Gosling is that one!!

    • Clambert

      Nah, an unknown, I feel would be a better choice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/uncgirl83 Melanie Clayton Tripp

      definitely not ryan!! or matt bomer!! and not alexis bledel as anastasia!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/heathert82 Heather Terrell

      Henry Cavill!!

    • Maranda

      ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!!! Ryan Gosling just isn’t Christian….. I just don’t see him playing in the “Play Room”. Alexander Skarsgard though….whoa baby!!! That man has sexy glistening from every pore on his body!!

    • Katie

      God i hope not. He’s the worst choice for this movie….they need to cast unknown, never released before actors and actresses for the main roles. otherwise people will be let down hardcore.

      • Donna

        Oh and people won’t be let down if their choice isn’t picked and it’s an unknown instead? They’ll be let down regardless so they might as well let down the leastr amount of people as possible and go with the fan favorite: Ian S. The best choice anyway and I suspect he’s also 1 of E.L.’s favorites.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.f.schmidt.5 Jennifer Fischer Schmidt

      No! Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill would be much better suited!

    • http://www.facebook.com/babygurl04052000 Paige Blanchard Gregory

      channing tatum would be perfect he is sexy

    • Linda

      Ian Somerhalder!

    • kris

      Omg absolutely!!!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/MrsG_hisQu33n MRS G

        totally agree!!! Go RYAN play my Mr Grey

      • http://twitter.com/MrsG_hisQu33n MRS G

        totally agree!!! Go RYAN play my Mr Grey

    • whitney thompson

      He did play in Love and Others Drugs. Where he’s used and discarded women. People seem to forget that movie. I think he’d do a perfect job as our Christian Grey.

      • http://twitter.com/pointlesswords jayme

        That wasn’t Ryan Gosling…

      • Dee

        That film was awful .. he is very bland .. he is very bland .. supposed to be The Fifty Shades Of Grey Not The Fifty Shades Of Boredom.

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.moon.94 Danielle Moon

      No, No, No, Gosh how about somebody new… Unknown! How about this guy, he looks perfect to me. He has the perfect body that Anastasia describes, he has the I want to sex you up, now! eyes, he has the whole package if you ask me…. Everyone who thinks he is the perfect Christen Grey should repost to facebook. His name is Aaron Cooper & his photo is by Jayhttps://www.facebook.com/jay.fuertez.photographer I’m not advertising the photographer & Aaron Cooper isn’t an actor, in fact I don’t even know him, but just thought the guy fit the bill.

    • Dee

      Omg no .. gag .. could they go with any one more boring .. could they find anyone more boring .. no .. and I am so not obsessed with any thing this guy does .. Chris Hemsworth and Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect for the role .. not Ian .. tooo short.

    • Dawn

      Yes but to the outside world Christian is also the man you would take home to meet your mother. Who are we to say that mr gosling doesn’t like a bit of sub/Dom action himself?! What a very closed minded piece of writing this is!

    • http://www.latersbaby.net/ Crissy and Mags

      No, Ryan is not my Christian. I think he would do a good job if he got the role, but not a great job and he doesn’t quite have the look. But we have to trust that they will make the right choice with casting.

    • LSD

      The only voice I heard & face I pictured as I read the books was Armie Hammer. He’s 6’5 and has an AMAZING Voice! The kind of voice that you obey when he speaks!!! And he’s got naturally copper colored hair. And the stubble that man grows! Ugh!!! And did I mention he’s got some pretty impressive fingers (wink wink)! Ryan wouldn’t be HORRIBLE, but I still don’t think he’s Grey. (2012 HAMMER FOR GREY) – VOTE!!

      • dolly

        Go take another LSD lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.maria.79 Evelyn Maria

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! HELL NO !!!!! he is not FIFTY ….. I be so mad …I not even go and see it ….. :(

      • http://twitter.com/MrsG_hisQu33n MRS G

        well don’t!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.a.kincaid Kelly Kincaid

      not a hottie.
      some one who is smoking hot

    • Nick

      I want Ian Somerhalder to play the role as Christian Grey.