Unless Taylor Swift Is Pregnant, I Don’t Know Why The Kennedy Family Wants Her To Marry Their Teenage Relative

Like Bruce Jenner’s face and the entire TLC line-up, this Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy romance continues to baffle me. While most families would be slightly concerned about their high school relative dating an older woman, the Kennedy family continues to embrace this bizarre relationship.

I understand she’s a global superstar, but they’re the Kennedy family. It’s not like they need Conor Kennedy to marry Taylor Swift for her money. Nor do they need the negative publicity that will result from the Taylor Swift songs that are sure to follow their inevitable break-up.

And I say inevitable, because it is inevitable. He’s in high school. She’s Taylor Swift. There can only be one inappropriately aged relationship in Hollywood that makes us feel uncomfortable. And sadly for these two, Courtney Stodden and her father-figure-husband Doug Hutchison stole that coveted position many awkward moons ago.

So why then did Senator Patrick Kennedy tell TMZ he’s totally jazzed about them being together forever?

TMZ was out in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday when we ran into Sen. Kennedy … and asked him how he felt about 18-year-old Conor Kennedy‘s blossoming relationship with the 22-year-old singer. ”We love Taylor Swift … she’s been a great friend and we’re happy for Conor.” Kennedy continued, “If she wants to be in the family, she’s already a part of it.”

Not only does he make it sound like they’d be open to Taylor Swift joining the family via marriage or adoption, but he’s acting like this relationship is more than a summer fling. Like, he’s starting to make it sound like a proposal’s right around the corner. As soon as Conor finishes making flashcards for his AP History test, he’ll pop the question.

So what’s the deal here? Could Taylor Swift be pulling a Virgin Mary and miraculously be pregnant with a Kennedy heir? Or is the entire Kennedy family such insanely huge fans of pop country music that they want to ensure that they’ll always have access to live performances?

This could be the greatest celebrity mystery of all time. Between Taylor’s coyness and the Kennedy’s vault of secrets, we may never know the truth. Then again the VMAs are tomorrow and we might get a lyrical on-stage confessional.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

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    • C A

      Maybe she has some inside dirt on the family.

    • Sarah

      So, I do love me some Taylor Swift. I gotta admit. But I think the reason it isn’t so bad of an age is that Taylor never went to college. I feel like she’s a ‘young’ person in that she’s not going to be the most mature. Actually, we know that from her songs. They’re DEFINITELY blowing the story up. The Kennedy’s want a good story to their name, and this is great press for them. For a family that doesn’t always have the best connotations, mostly recently, a sweet girl like Taylor could make young people (like her fans) learn to like the Kennedy’s. But they do seem quite happy, so we should be happy for them.

    • Nanci

      She’s been dumped by Joe, Taylor, Jake and John that I know of. Maybe she wants to be in control this time, and any high school senior would follow her around like a puppy. She’s turned into a twisted sister. Leave him alone Taylor. If it were anyone else but famous little you, the family would be appalled. You’re too young to remember Daryl Hanah and JFK, Jr….but it didn’t end well.

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    • http://twitter.com/SNSDYurifan1995 Denise

      she alr has had too many relationships and she is not going to have a real one if she keeps going from one to other and those break up songs that barely phase me nowadays…

    • http://twitter.com/rlb96 Robert Baldwin

      They consider her a part of the family because they’ve already reserved a plot in the family cemetery for her. They won’t want to fill in that plot until Conor marries her and is her legal heir.

    • Abi

      The fly of her shorts makes her look like she has major camel toe in that pic.

    • bruce

      Taylor is a devourer of history and is in love with the Bobby/Ethel story in her journey to make history herself, which she already has. The most famous, successful six-foot blonde in the world could be expected to do a little man-sampling anyway, no? She’s always outwitted the critics since fourteen and all she touches turns out golden and beautiful anyway, or as Ethel said; We should be so lucky!