New Couple Alert: Lena Dunham Is Dating Jack Antonoff Of Annoyingly Punctuated Indie Pop Band Fun.

I guess there really is hope for all of us! After very publicly lamenting, via interviews and her semi-autobiographical TV show, how terrible her love life was/is/had been, Lena Dunham, she of the multiple gay boyfriends and constant, awkward, soul crushing sex, has gone and found herself a suitably famous boyfriend with whom to collaborate on creative projects and practice copulating. The lucky gent? Jack Antonoff of the band “fun.” (that is how they write their name), which news outlets are reporting is an “indie rock” band but which might be more accurately described as a machine that churns out swelling, overwrought, Glee-vocaled tracks customized for various pivotal scenes on Gossip Girl. This is him:

I am of two minds on this. First and foremost, I’m glad Lena Dunham found a man piece, because everyone deserves romantic happiness, even writers/stars of good-but-overhyped television shows who refuse to fully acknowledge their own privilege. That said, did she really have to go with a prematurely balding fashion victim who looks like he gets shoved into lockers by Andy Samberg? Being rich and famous means you get to date someone hotter than you!

Beyond the looks factor, this dude’s band is just not cool. Like label mates Paramore and Panic! At The Disco, they straddle the line between pop-emo and straight up pop, and are what has replaced actual rock music at MTV’s various awards shows. You know you’re in trouble when you’re making people miss the gritty, roughed up vibe of Dashboard Confessional. How much more would you respect Dunham if she started banging anyone whose fan base is old enough to drink alcohol? I guess it’s consistent with her brand of being a nice, clean, well-to-do, New Yorker-reading, childhood-fetishizing fauxhemian. But I’m still going to pretend she’s only doing this to check off the best box on Jenna Maroney‘s sexual bucket list: “Yoko Ono a children’s band.”

(Via Us Weekly)


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    • Wassup

      fun. Is a fabulous band. And Scarlett Johannson (sorry, I’m not sure how to spell her name$ used to date Jack Antonoff, too. So there.

    • yesh

      idk, although i’m not a huge fan of fun. i don’t think they’re the worst thing on the radio these days. i’d rather listen to them than one direction, the wanted, or owl city any day. they’re obviously not going to be music legends, but at least they can write some of their own music & play instruments. and i’m sure the music they are most interested in is not the music they write. this is just what makes them the most money. unfortunate, but true. maybe i’m biased because i was a stupid kid in high school and listened to shitty music like the format and steel train (the bands fun. members were previously in) so I kind of am happy for them?…who knows. if only tom petty and norah jones could play on the radio at all times.

    • AZStephanie

      Don’t be assinine. As talented as Lena is, Jack Antonoff and his band fun. as well as his band Steel Train are some of the best things to happen to music, let alone top 40. His band mates are equally talent and their fan base has been going strong a lot longer than since the Tweens fell in love with “We Are Young.” Many of us have been fans for a while, and before their first album, Aim and Ignite, we’re also fans of their other bands and previous projects an happen to be over 18. I myself and several of my friends and fellow fans are in our twenties. I am 27. Please don’t insult a good band just because you’re bitter and have no real taste in music. I’m glad they’ve replaced “rock” on most stations because I hated that rock is being represented by bands like Nickleback and Cobra Starship.

    • AZStephanie

      Haha that is, don’t be asinine

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