Meet Anna Duggar’s Sinful, Cool-Haired, Pro-Adoption Folks, The Keller Family

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On last week’s 19 Kids and Counting premiere, the Duggars headed to Florida to attend Priscilla Keller‘s wedding, which was your typical awkward religious affair where the bride and groom saved their first kiss for the altar. (And yeah, it was bad.) Priscilla is the older sister of Anna Duggar, who’s married to Jim Bob and Michelle‘s eldest son Josh, so you know that TLC couldn’t miss a chance for yet another shitshow of a wedding.

But throughout the episode, we noticed that the Kellers didn’t quite match up to the Duggars—at least, not the way the Bates do with their own brood of nineteen kids and awful hairstyles. While you had devout bride Priscilla, a lot of her brothers and sisters came across looking and sounding… normal. Faith Goes Pop delved into the Kellers, and discovered that out of the eight kids, several of them have pursued other Christian faiths and as a result are estranged. Juicy!

Keller family Candice Daniel adoption hair Anna Duggar Josh Duggar family Priscilla Keller wedding 19 Kids and Counting

The 19 Kids episode cycled through the Keller family so fast you could hardly follow who was who. I now realize that that was probably so TLC would fulfill its obligation of showing Anna’s brothers and sisters without lingering on the problem children. The couple that I most wanted to learn more about after glimpsing them were Daniel (Priscilla and Anna’s brother) and his wife Candice, mostly for Candice’s fantastic hair. Turns out she’s a beautician—and even worse, they reportedly adopted a child recently because they were having trouble conceiving. You can imagine how well that went over with these Quiverfull families who don’t use birth control and believe that you should allow God to give you as many children as He wants to.

And they’re not even the worst! Read about the rest of the family at Faith Goes Pop, including the sister who had a kid out of wedlock. (Jim Bob is clutching his heart even as I type this.)

[Update: all this forward-thinking too much for you to take? Maybe you'd like to read about the sweet and kind Duggar daughters Jill and Jessa, who are pregnant and engaged, respectively. Waiting to hold hands until after their engagements, waiting to kiss until their wedding days, and all around just behaving like the good little baby factories we always knew they were!]

(Photos: TLC via Faith Goes Pop)

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    • Mommy of 6

      You can not find something better to do? Everyone has peeps in their family that they don’t agree with their lifestyle. You are just trying to stir the pot and make something out of nothing. God loves everyone, even you! May the Lord forgive your feelings of hate toward the Duggars, Bates and Kellers. Remember you will get back what you put into the universe. Hate will bring Hate toward you. Love will bring love. If you are not tolerant of others they will not be tolerant of you!

      • Starling

        Good advice for anyone ostracizing their relatives for choosing different religious beliefs. Like the Kellers.

      • JannaM

        The ONLY person who ever said that was happening is the author of this article.

    • LCTerrill

      *shudder* The Duggars have always creeped me out. And this Gothard fellow is truly disturbing…and I’m a pretty devout Christian! Ick.

      • Mitsy

        Gothard is basically a cult leader who has never married & doesn’t have kids of his own yet he preaches his own doctrine to those in his cult group. Sadly, both the Kellers & the Duggars are among his followers. I’m not sure but I suspect the ever growing Bates family are also into his twisted rules for life.

    • Mirah Riben

      I guess natalie didn’t get the memo: adopting is very “Christian”

    • Ron

      These show is disgusting and these people are disgusting…this is the trash that keeps Americans so ignorant…instead of wasting precious air time in these stupid, ignorant and pathetic people, networks should air programs that educate our youth…

    • Tasha

      Priscilla and that guy made me very uncomfortable watching them. There is something sort of creepy about their facial expressions and mannerisms, very off-putting, I would never want to be left alone in a room with them, and I hate to say it, but there is something flamboyant and strange about her new husband, was I the only one who notice that? I really hope they don’t make a spin-off show about them, they are so awkward and creepy, as if they were androids that just discovered human emotions.

    • RubyHeart

      Why would the family object to them adopting? Jim Bob and Michelle are thinking of adopting too, if they don’t get pregnant again. I’m sure you have an opinion about that as well, but my point is, the Duggars, the Kellers, and pretty much all Christians are pro-adoption. I mean, why wouldn’t we be? Jesus was adopted by Joseph!

    • cestmwa

      I doubt the adopting part bothers the Duggar’s, since they themselves have talked about adopting to add to their brood.

    • Molly

      I just want to know how they can be against abortion AND adoption. Also they think the world is only 2000 years old. Please go re watch the episode where they visit the creation museum. They have exhibits of Adam and Eve running around with dinosaurs, wich by the way I’m pretty sure someone would have menchioned in the Bible. One more thing that bothers me, they can’t dance or wear skirts because someone might get a boner but they can wear all the makeup they want?!?! Pleae help me understand

      • ashley

        read the bible. dinosaurs ARE mentioned.

    • Paige Kay

      Look. I’m a liberal NYer who dreams of running her own business and thinks my body is my temple and highlllllllllllly doubts I will ever have children. That said, I ask – why all the judgment? If these women want to be “little baby factories”, as you put it, why does that bother you? Why is that such a bad thing? If they choose to live this life, a life you find strange, a life they do not force upon you, why does that concern you? Mind your business.

    • marg

      You might want to remember that the Duggar’s niece was born “out of wedlock” and they are loving and accepting of her without issues. I think you need to stop projecting your own ideas of what they believe or don’t believe on them ……..

    • GUEST

      Obviously everyone is free to have their opinions about the Duggars. And truthfully I neither like nor dislike them, as I don’t actually know much about them beyond that they have a lot of kids and a show about it. Honestly I think anyone who does a reality show has some issues. But the pleasure the author of this post takes in the estrangement of a family and the obvious ant-Christian bias of her attitude is just sad. You all consider yourselves the “tolerant” ones, yet the intolerance displayed in this post and the comments should garner some self reflection. Remove the beam from your own eyes peeps.

    • As

      Whoever wrote this is a moronic bigot!