How Sad Will You Be If Kristen Stewart Is Ripped From Breaking Dawn Press Tour?

Move over Kristen! There's a new girl in town: Ashley Greene.

Although what Kristen Stewart does behind closed doors shouldn’t affect her career, it’s actually taking quite a toll. After breaking the heart of everyone’s favorite on-screen vampire Robert Pattinson, and putting herself safely in the “home-wrecker” category, her days even as part of the The Twilight franchise appear to be numbered.

According to Contact Music, if Stewart and Pattinson can’t get their shit together and get back on the road to love again, then Stewart can kiss her starring role in the press tour goodbye this November. Instead, the leading lady at junkets and the rest of the big events that are set to promote the premiere will be handed over to her co-star Ashley Greene.

Of course, according to a source, “The studio’s holding out to see if they get back together. But I don’t think anyone is banking on that happening.”

And why should it? The woman broke the man’s heart and publicly so — it doesn’t get much worse than that. What if Sandra Bullock had taken back Jesse James or Elin Nordegren took back Tiger Woods? What’s done can’t be undone, and while it shouldn’t hurt her career as there should be a line drawn in the sand on those two parts of someone’s life, it appears someone has forgotten to draw that line in this situation. It’s also on the set of those films where Stewart and Pattinson met and fell in love that really throws a huge wrench into the situation.

The plan at the moment is if these two can’t rekindle their romance (and let’s hope they don’t for the sake of Pattinson’s sanity and heart), it looks like Greene will be stealing the limelight from Stewart. But as they say, “all’s fair in love and war,” so Stewart is going to have to suck it up and play second fiddle on the red carpet for this one.


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    • Irish Girl

      I highly doubt that this is going to happen. Are you kidding? Summit wants the publicity either way it goes between Stewart and Pattinson.

    • s

      You just never know what could happen….anything is possible. That situation is one hot mess though. But publicity is publicity, and KS is going to be doing promos for BD2, regardless. She is one of the leads and that is the last movie, Summit will work it out. I do agree with you Irish Girl for sure. One thing is for sure, it’s going to interesting (BD2 promos) and everyone will definitely will be watching.

    • Judy Wells

      I would be so happy if she didn’t show up!

      • Denise


    • Aitch Slavic

      Oh I doubt if she gives a sh*t. She has been all over the world and the States promoting, given countless interviews, press conferences, photo shoots, comic-cons, etc for the Twi franchise going on 4 years,now. Girl wouldn’t mind a break! Rob too. He had to schlep all over Malls of America introducing himself as Edward a few years back.

    • northGAgirl

      There is no way they would put Ashley Greene in her place…the girl’s most recent movie barely cracked the top 10 on it’s opening weekend…she would bring nothing to the promos. I’d rather see RP and TL by themselves than see Ashley Greene…but I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

    • Marie Bellows

      Use Kristen but don’t put her with Robert! It’s cruel if the fans want to do that. Of course the fans have been pushing these two together from the beginning. I hope all the twi’s are happy with themselves. It also explains why so many twi fans want them back together. If the fans stopped and looked at what they did, they might have to admit they were wrong and no twi fan is that responsible. IUn fact most of the twi fans remind me of Kristen who cares if Robert is happy as long as Kristen and they are.

    • Peony

      whore -
      1. A prostitute.
      2. A person considered sexually promiscuous.
      3. A person considered as having compromised
      principles for personal gain.
      Kristen is clearly not any of the above.Just because a person is in the acting profession,it does not give us the right to lynch them just because we can.

    • crmomof2

      I hope that they don’t replace Kristen with Ashley Greene…I feel that Kristen’s personal issues should not come into play with her professional work. She’s just as important to the Twilight franchise as Pattinson and deserves to be there to promote the films that she has worked on for 4 or more years. Enough is Enough!

    • crmomof2

      I hope that they don’t replace Kristen with anyone!

    • soton17

      BD2 is Bella’s story, therefore they must use KS to promote the film, otherwise it will look really silly!

    • gabriele

      not sad at all, I’m tired of that annoying face