The 9 Best Answers From Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA

Nick Offerman Reddit AMA Ron Swanson Parks and Rec best answersHow lucky are we! Not only did Barack Obama pop onto Reddit earlier this week to discuss politics and the White House’s secret beer recipe, but right before the holiday weekend we were treated to the presence of another patriotic hero: Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman spent a few hours on the site with his own AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread.

I’ll admit, my knowledge of Nick and his Parks and Rec character Ron Swanson is limited to one episode and a bunch of .gifs… but wow, he delivers! He’s incredibly witty and just such a personality in these answers. I’m convinced that he answered half of them as Ron, but it would take a diehard fan to judge. Either way, check out our nine favorite answers of his!

If his political stances are similar to Ron Swanson’s: Well, I just went to discuss this question with Ron, and I found him staring stoically into a fire in which burned his VHS collection of Dirty Harry movies whilst he seemed to be mumbling the words to the Beastie’s High Plains Drifter, and welling up. I would not have expected Ron to be aware of Paul’s Boutique, I guess that seminal record really penetrated the generations. Anyway, I left him to his thoughts.

In what ways is he drastically different from Ron: I wouldn’t call it drastic, but my penis is 5/8″ larger than Ron’s, in both length AND breadth, but it is held that he wields his with greater aplomb.

What’s Amy Poehler like, and how much do they improvise their lines on Parks and RecA small portion of P&R is improvised, although we have a lot freedom to spout off as we see fit. The thing is, the writing is so sublime, there is seldom any need to improve upon it. We do love to play, so we always start having extra improv fun in the later takes. I met Amy in the early 90′s and she is like a superhero mixed with both Coach and Tammie Taylor from FNL, as well as Tim Riggins and a little Landry.

His morning routine: I awaken. I consume oxygen, then bacon, eggs and black coffee, then my wife, then bacon.

I love to paddle my own canoe, and also wife. Best while staring at the leaves of the maple or sycamore.

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