Jersey Shore Will End This Fall, But STDs Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving

MTV announced this afternoon that the “sun will set on the shore” after Jersey Shore‘s sixth and final season airs this fall.  I was planning on reminiscing over the fist pumps, baby bumps, alcohol poisoning, closeted cast members, the awful impression Italy now has of America, domestic disturbances, Guidettes and meatballs, but no—something else caught my eye while reading about the epic conclusion of the Jersey ShoreEach cast member has a clause in his or her contract regarding STDs. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Seth Kaufman, former editorial director for TVGuide, said that there’s a clause in the cast’s standard contract about venereal diseases. I know what you’re thinking, “What? No way! That hot tub was as sterile as a vasectomy!” But alas, Kaufman was able to quote the clause:

“Producer hereby informs me, and I acknowledge and accept, that the other participants have not been screened for any diseases, sicknesses or other health conditions (and specifically have not been tested for any sexually transmitted diseases) and I assume all risks of interacting with the other participants, including any consensual contact.”

Apparently STD clauses are pretty standard for reality shows, and I must say this clause sticks pretty close to reality since most people who accidentally contract the herp can’t sue MTV for the pain and suffering caused by genital warts. The final season of Jersey Shore kicks off on Thursday, October 4, at 10 p.m., but MTV will commemorate the end of the show beginning Thursday, September 6, with a one-hour retrospective titled (of course) “Gym, Tan, Look Back.” Snooki and Pauly D had a few thoughts to share on Twitter today about bidding adieu to binge drinking, binge tanning and Bump-Its:

Yes, sadly it’s true. This upcoming season of Jersey Shore will be our last. But it was fricken INSANE. I will always love my roomies!

All Good Things Must Come To An End, But #TeamDJPaulyD Lives On And It’s Just Getting Started !!! Tweet I AM #TeamDJPaulyD If You With Me

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    • Frances Bean

      How hard would it be for MTV to require for or pay for these tests beforehand? Obviously they are already paying them quite a bit so they don’t OWE it to them per se, but they certainly must encourage them to behave in dangerous ways (binge drinking and then having casual sex drunk, etc) for ratings, which may leave them more open to getting sexually transmitted diseases. They should at least require them to get tested privately.

      I’m not saying they should change their contract to allow themselves to be held negligent but they negotiate with these so-called ‘stars’ for months before they start filming – more than enough time to do the proper tests to make certain that every one is safe in the cast. While they might not get sued, if one of these kids were to come down with HIV the public would certain lay at least some of the blame on the network.

    • Stephenson Billings

      It’s a sad day for America. Safe travels my Jersey Shore friends!